CODAN Envoy X1 Mobile Radio Kit - Redefining Advanced Mobile Communication

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Improve your NGT-SRx mobile station with the outstanding CODAN Envoy X1 Mobile Radio Kit.

  • RF Unit, 2210 Envoy X1: Bolsters signal reception for efficient communication.
  • 2220 Envoy Full Keyboard Handset: Offers a complete keyboard for seamless operation.
  • Handset Cradle, 2220: Ensures secure and protective placement of your handset.
  • 6m Control Envoy Cable: Promotes a flexible and effortless setup.
  • FED-STD-1045 ALE, 2210: Enhances data communication with advanced features.
  • GPS Enable, 2210: Provides accurate location tracking for simplified operation.

Kit includes setup guides and reference cards for effortless installation and easy referencing.

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The CODAN Envoy X1 Mobile Radio Kit is a revolutionary communication enhancement tool designed to redefine your communication needs. This technologically advanced kit integrates efficiency, versatility, and robust performance, transforming how you connect and communicate in the mobile world.

A high-grade strategic communication solution, the CODAN Envoy X1 Mobile Radio Kit incorporates cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled radio performance and matchless flexibility. It is far beyond an ordinary mobile station upgrade; it's your gateway to advanced, efficient, and reliable communication.

  • The 2210 Envoy X1 RF Unit showcases unmatched reception and robust functionality, taking signal strength and reliability several notches higher.
  • Our 2220 Envoy Full Keyboard Handset, crafted for the modern user, simplifies complex tasks with the ergonomic design thereby enhancing your communication experience.
  • The 2220 Handset Cradle is a safety feature that provides secure and reliable housing for the handset.
  • You get a 6m long Control Envoy Cable, designed for flexible positioning, thereby maximizing your convenience.
  • With the FED-STD-1045 ALE, 2210, you can enjoy clear, uninterrupted communication, even in data-heavy situations, thus ensuring you never miss any vital information.
  • The 2210 GPS Enable feature provides precise location tracking, a critical safety feature for on-the-move communication.

Easing your journey into this communication revolution, the CODAN Envoy X1 Mobile Radio Kit comes with a comprehensive 'Getting Started Guide' and a 'Quick Reference Card'. Regardless of your previous experience, these guides ensure seamless operation, allowing you to utilize your kit to its full potential.

Unlock a new era in mobile station communication with the advanced, feature-rich, and technology-driven CODAN Envoy X1 Mobile Radio Kit.

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