CODAN Envoy X2 Base Radio Upgrade Kit: Your Solution for Efficient Communication

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Product: Experience transformative communication with the CODAN Envoy X2 Base Radio Upgrade Kit.

  • Advanced Communication: This kit supercharges your NGT-SRx base station with new potentials.
  • Kit Components: Packed with essentials such as the 2210 Envoy X2 RF Unit, the 2230 Envoy X2 Desk Console, a Boom Microphone, and a cooling fan, among others.
  • Leading-Edge Technology: FED-STD-1045 ALE standards and GPS technology underpin the system for untiring, pinpoint communication.
  • User-friendly Installation: Simple guide and reference cards for Envoy X1 and X2 facilitate a frictionless set-up.
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The CODAN Envoy X2 Base Radio Upgrade Kit is a comprehensive solution to upgrade your communication system to the next level. Offering advanced features and extensive enhancements, this kit is designed to optimize your existing NGT-SRx base station. The pivotal objective is to ensure reliable and efficient transmission of information.

This upgrade kit consists of the following components:

  • The 2210 Envoy X2 RF Unit - the heart of the system promising effective and reliable transmission of information.
  • The 2230 Envoy X2 Desk Console - A user-friendly console designed to manage your communications flexibly and effectively.
  • The 2230 Desk Console Boom Microphone - engineered to provide clear and crisp voice communication.
  • A 6m Console to RF Unit Cable - Perfectly long for simple and clean device connections.

Moreover, the CODAN Envoy X2 Base Radio Upgrade Kit includes a mounted fan for the transceiver and a Transceiver Mounting Cradle. These additional fixtures not only keep your system cool but also assure stability even in continuous operation.

This system is also equipped with FED-STD-1045 ALE and GPS Enable options. These features offer streamlined communication with added functionality. To aid in your setup process, the kit comes with a Getting Started Guide and a Quick Reference Card for the Envoy X1 and X2.

Designed for modern communication needs, the CODAN Envoy X2 Base Radio Upgrade Kit will effectively revamp your communication system's efficiency and reliability.

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