Codan Envoy X1 Mobile Station Kit: Your Secure & Reliable Communication Solution

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Product Summary: The Codan Envoy X1 Mobile Station Kit provides a robust and streamlined HF communication solution. The kit includes HF transceiver 2210, Handset 2220, Desk Console 2230, and a high-performance 3040 mobile auto-tuning antenna.



  • High Flexibility: Supports up to 100 channels, with accommodation for 200 contact entries
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  • Kit Components: Includes essential devices for a complete mobile station
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  • Additional Accessories: Supplemented with accessory cables, fuse, and mounting hardware for easy setup
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The Envoy X1 is a popular choice for professionals requiring straightforward yet comprehensive HF communication.

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The Codan Envoy X1 Mobile Station Kit is a sturdy, reliable, and high-performance communication solution designed for professional environments. Its superior engineering allows for clear, uninterrupted communication, even in challenging circumstances. The comprehensive kit is filled with robust features for a seamless communication experience, making it an ideal partner for various professional communication needs.

  • Broad Spectrum Communication: The Envoy X1 supports up to 100 channels for diverse and broad-spectrum communication.
  • Efficient Contact Management: It can store up to 200 contacts, enabling efficient and streamlined communication within teams.
  • Complete Communication Solution: The kit includes a number of components like the HF transceiver 2210, handset 2220, desk console 2230, and the 3040 mobile auto-tuning antenna, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse communication needs.
  • Additional Components Included: This kit includes all the necessary connectors, fuse, and mounting hardware.

Please note that the Envoy X1 does not support GPS or ALE. If these features are necessary, consider the Envoy X2.

The Envoy X1 boasts a user-friendly design that simplifies installation and promotes ease of use. Its sturdy construction ensures its reliability in challenging conditions. Whether your communication needs are simple or complex, the Codan Envoy X1 Mobile Station Kit is ready to deliver.

For additional details, please refer to the Codan Envoy X1 product page.

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