Codan Envoy X1 Base Station Kit | Power-packed High-Frequency Communication Solution

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The Codan Envoy X1 Base Station Kit forms a robust solution for secure, high-frequency (HF) communication. Ideal for various communication environments, it includes:

  • 100 programmable channels, for versatile communication,
  • Storage for 200 contacts, ensuring seamless connectivity,
  • Housed HF Transceiver 2210, Handset 2220, and Desk Console 2230, creating a dependable communication base.

Bolster your setup with the Codan Envoy X2 Base Station for sophisticated features like GPS and ALE.

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Codan Envoy X1 Base Station Kit: A Powerful High-Frequency Communication Solution

Experience the next level of reliable communication with the Codan Envoy X1 base station kit - specifically designed for high-frequency (HF) communication under all conditions. Embodied with strength, power, and easy-to-operate features, the Envoy X1 guarantees robust communication performance whether you're stationed within city confines or barren wilderness.

The package constitutes a sturdy HF Transceiver 2210, a user-friendly Handset 2220, a versatile Desk Console 2230, and an automatic Power Supply 3020. Included additionally are a high-performance Multiwire Broadband Antenna C463, a protective Lightning Protector (Polyphaser), and a 30-meter Antenna Cable - ensuring a complete, ready-to-go system.

  • HF Transceiver 2210: This top-performance device is optimized for flawless operation in severe environments, offering an array of 100 channels for comprehensive communication needs.
  • Handset 2220: Enhance your communication prowess with this ergonomically designed handset, equipped with easy-to-operate functionalities.
  • Desk Console 2230: A functional meeting of style and efficiency, it fulfills all control needs effortlessly.
  • Power Supply 3020: Built with automatic voltage switching technology, it guarantees steady performance across a wide electrical supply range (110 to 220-240VAC).
  • Multiwire Broadband Antenna C463: Secure optimal high-frequency communication irrespective of environmental discrepancies with our robust antenna.
  • 30-meter Antenna Cable: A durable and rust-resistant cable that gratifies all your communication necessities.
  • Lightning Protector (Polyphaser): A high-quality protector designed to ensure the safety of your valuable setup against potential lightning strikes.

For user convenience, the Envoy X1 prioritizes power, reliability, and uncomplicated operations over superfluous features. However, advanced users seeking capabilities like GPS/ALE support, or capacity for massive contact list entries and channels may consider the superior Codan Envoy X2 Base Station.

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