CODAN 2110V HF Radio Manpack - Superior Remote Communication Device

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CODAN 2110V HF Radio Manpack – Your Ultimate Solution for High-Quality Remote Communication.

  • Targeted Application: Ideal for military, commercial, and humanitarian applications due to its robustness and reliability.
  • Effectual 2110V Transceiver Unit: Ensures efficient connectivity, irrespective of the geographical or climatic condition.
  • ALE & GPS Receivers: Enhance operational utility and ensure seamless connection.
  • 12V 8Ah NiMH Battery: Facilitates enduring performance and comprehensive application.
  • H-250/U Handset: Simplifies communication, delivering clear transmission.
  • 3m Telescopic Whip Antenna: Confirming superior reception and transmission reach.
  • Versatile Charging Options: AC, DC, & Solar charging options confirm uninterrupted usage.
  • Portable Design: Complemented with a comfortable backpack for easy conveyance.
  • User-friendly Manual: Comprehensive support through a detailed Guide & CD Manual.
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The CODAN 2110V HF Radio Manpack provides a supreme remote communication solution through remarkable, dependable, and resilient messaging. Designed to meet the high-end communication requirements in challenging landscapes and unpredictable weather, this state-of-the-art HF Radio Manpack ensures reliable communication.

  • Outstanding Transceiver: The 2110V Transceiver yields top-notch transmission quality, thus guaranteeing reliable connectivity.
  • Customizable Features: You can modify your communication needs through optional FED-STD-1045 ALE and a GPS Receiver, thus enhancing the versatility of your 2110V.
  • Continuous Operation: With a 12V 8Ah NiMH Battery Pack, you can maintain constant operation during prolonged field trips.
  • Versatile Handset: The package comes with an H-250/U handset, Earth Wire with a clip, and a 4-wire Counterpoise Kit providing unrivaled adaptability under all situations.
  • Exceptional Signal Reception: With a collapsible 3m whip antenna and a long wire antenna, you can achieve fantastic signal reception despite the conditions.
  • Multiple Charging Options: The package comes with an AC Mains and a DC Battery charger and respective cables, making certain that your device stays powered.
  • Environmentally Friendly Charging: The Solar Battery Charger Panel provided equips you with energy-saving charging solutions.
  • Easily Portable: An included soft backpack ensures easy transportation, perfect for maneuvering on the go.
  • Helpful Guide: With the '2110 Getting Started Guide' and 'Reference Manual', you can use the equipment to its full potential.

The CODAN 2110V HF Radio Manpack is designed to keep you connected no matter where you are, providing a stress-free communication experience and solidifying its position as the leading remote communication solution.

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