Cobas Buffer Negative Control Kit: Your Essential Lab Companion for Accurate Research & Diagnostics

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The Cobas Buffer Negative Control Kit is an essential lab tool designed specifically for reliable research and diagnostics. This kit, optimized for use with cobas systems, ensures precision and accuracy in laboratory environments. Consisting of 16 negative control containers, it offers convenience in both usage and storage. Intended for long-term use, it boasts a 24-month shelf life from the manufacturing date when appropriately stored. The product comes with a specific code (7002238190) for ease during reordering or inquiries. Please note: its efficiency is unrivalled and offers unparalleled utility across diverse verticals, making essential contributions to the sphere of research and diagnostics.

  • Specifically designed for research and diagnostics applications.
  • Comprises of 16 buffer negative control containers for practical use and storage.
  • Optimized compatibility with cobas systems.
  • 24-month shelf life when stored between 2-8℃, ensuring long-term utility.
  • Distinct Product Code 7002238190 for efficient reordering and queries.
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Cobas Buffer Negative Control Kit - An Essential Component for Reliable Lab Test Results and Accurate Research

The Cobas Buffer Negative Control Kit is a comprehensive tool designed specifically for scientists and diagnostic professionals seeking reliable and high-quality performance in their laboratory experiments and tests. This kit is a vital facilitator for precision-anchored and trustworthy scientific research and diagnostic applications.

  • Specially optimized for cobas systems, this kit offers seamless integration, leading to a smooth and efficient workflow in your lab or research setup.
  • The kit comes with 16 Buffer Negative Control containers, offering great ease of use and providing an accessible solution for your laboratory practices.

Longevity You Can Rely On

This Cobas Kit has an impressive shelf life of 24 months from the manufacturing date, enabling prolonged and efficient usage. This is proof of the kit’s durability and the value-for-money proposition it offers for medical research professionals and lab operators alike.

Sensible and Effective Storage Solutions

Maintaining the kit's integrity and efficient performance requires proper storage, which is why it is recommended to store the kit at temperatures between 2 - 8u00b0C. Following these guidelines ensures the reliable and consistent performance of this kit, making it a one-stop solution for your lab's requirements.

To achieve optimal results and maintain the kit's precision and reliability, heed all directives and use the kit within the appropriate storage conditions.

Why Choose Cobas Buffer Negative Control Kit?

Consistency, accuracy, reliability – these three pillars of effective scientific lab work and medical research are what the Cobas Buffer Negative Control Kit symbolizes. Primed to integrate seamlessly with cobas systems, this kit is purpose-built to facilitate the path of discovery and validation, supporting your research and diagnostic procedures effectively.

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