Cobas 6800/8800 LYS Reagent: High-Quality Solution for Efficient Lab Testing

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High-quality Cobas 6800/8800 LYS Reagent for Efficient Laboratory Testing: A superior solution tailored for Cobas 6800/8800 systems to elevate your laboratory results.

  • Purity: Enhanced reagent purity for accurate, trustworthy outcomes.
  • Economical: 4 x 875mL per pack, a cost-efficient choice for larger volumes.
  • Durability: 24-month shelf life from manufacture, making it an ideal long-term pick.
  • Preservation Conditions: Maintains optimum functionality when stored at 2-8u00b0C.
  • Specific Design: Exclusively created for research, not for use on humans or animals.
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Comprehensive Overview of Cobas 6800/8800 LYS Reagent: A Potent, High-throughput Solution for Accurate Lab Testing

With the advancement in lab technologies, the need for high-quality reagents has grown exponentially. Few can deliver the value, purity, and consistency of the Cobas 6800/8800 LYS Reagent. Specifically designed for the Cobas systems, this reagent boasts unmatched purity and efficiency that cater to high-throughput lab operations. The ability to provide accurate results significantly reduces the risk of errors, making your testing process seamless and reliable.

Exceptional features for superior results

  • Outstanding Purity: The Cobas 6800/8800 LYS Reagent is meticulously produced to offer an astonishing high concentration and unmatched purity. This enhances stability, reduces confounding variables, and ensures accurate testing outcomes, even in high-demand situations.
  • Optimized for Cobas Systems: Specially created for use with Cobas 6800 and 8800 systems, this reagent promises excellent compatibility and optimization for more precise results and streamlined testing operations.
  • High-performance in High-volume Scenarios: The reagent is fine-tuned for high-throughput testing, supporting smooth workflows, increasing test-volume handling capacity, and delivering dependably accurate results, even in the most demanding testing periods.

Superior Shelf Life and Storage

  • Extended Shelf Life: Benefit from a generous 24-month shelf life from the manufacturing date, ensuring long-term usability, efficient inventory management, and reduced waste.
  • Ideal Storage: To retain maximum effectiveness, store the Cobas 6800/8800 LYS Reagent between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. This temperature range safeguards its stability and integrity to deliver consistently accurate test results.

The Cobas 6800/8800 LYS Reagent offers a hi-tech solution for any laboratory aiming to improve accuracy and efficiency. Making the right decision today elevates your lab operations and sets a powerful path towards better, reliable outcomes for all your testing needs.

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