High-Quality Unisex Medical Coat Medium- Perfect for Healthcare Professionals

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High-Quality Unisex Medical Coat, Woven, White – Medium Size: A versatile, hygienic, and durable medical coat designed for healthcare professionals. Composed from a robust polyester/cotton blend or 100% cotton, offering long-lasting use.

  • Premium Material: Fabric weight ranges from 175g-240g/m2 for strengthened durability.
  • Functionality & Style: Tailored with long sleeves, a notched lapel collar, and a button-front closure. Showcases two patch pockets and a chest pocket for practicality, at a mid-thigh length for ideal coverage.
  • Cleanliness Assured: Resistant to 0.1% chlorine, reusable, with provided wash and disinfection instructions. Individually packaged for ensured hygiene.
  • Suitable for Professionals: Recommended for health professionals to wear over regular clothing or surgical attire.
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High-Quality Unisex Medical Coat, Medium Size, Woven, White

Designed for healthcare professionals, our Unisex Medical Coat offers an optimal mix of function, style, and protection. It boasts a professional aesthetic with the comforting durability of high-quality materials to ensure both a professional look and protection against contaminants.

Outstanding Features

  • Unisex Design: With long sleeves, mid-thigh length, notched lapel collar and easy snap or button front closure, it caters to professionals of all genders, giving a meaning to the notion of a uniform.
  • Practical Functionality: Housing essential tools or personal items is a breeze with two patch pockets and an additional chest pocket.
  • Top-Notch Material: Choose from a polyester/cotton blend (50/50%, 65/35%, or 67%/33%) or pure 100% cotton construction. With fabric weight between 175g-240g/m2, the longevity of usage is assured without compromising comfort.
  • Exceptional Durability: The coat exhibits a resistance to 0.1% chlorine. High-quality material coupled with its reusability ensures it withstands the demands of a challenging healthcare environment.
  • Easy Care & Maintenance: Cleanliness is paramount in any healthcare setting. Disinfect the coat with a chlorine solution, followed by washing and ironing after each usage to maintain optimal hygiene.
  • Individual Packaging: Each coat comes individually packaged to ensure hygiene and convenience right from the opening.

Suitable For

These Medical Coats are ideal for healthcare professionals, providing an excellent protective layer over regular clothing or surgical attire. The medium (M) size accommodates a range of body sizes, offering a comfortable and snug fit.

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