Superior Industrial Closed Loop Vacuum Unit | Versatile & Durable

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Maximized Efficiency, Unparalleled Durability, Utmost Versatility: Presenting the industry-leading Corrosion-Resistant Closed Loop Vacuum Unit. Cutting-edge features include:


  • Wide-ranging compatibility: Effortlessly integrates with FSK, F2SK, F2BV, F2BE, and JZJFS Roots pumps series.
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  • All-encompassing functionality: Comes equipped with a vacuum buffer tank, vapor-liquid separator, heat exchanger, and connecting pipeline.
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  • Smart control & integration: Syncs with user DCS for automated adjustments, instant data analysis, and remote monitoring.
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  • Multi-sector versatility: Ideal for industries from chemical processing to pharmaceutical manufacturing to R&D and environmental testing.
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  • Scalable solution: Upgradable, modular design accommodates future advancements and expanding needs.
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The Apex of Industrial Vacuum Technology: The Durable and Versatile Closed Loop Vacuum Unit

The Closed Loop Vacuum Unit encapsulates efficiency, durability, and versatility in a single package, rigorously crafted for industry-leading performance. Harness the power of innovation with our corrosion-resistant vacuum unit, a testament to advanced engineering and unparalleled design.

This iconic system is a part of our acclaimed pump collection, inclusive of the FSK, F2SK, F2BV, F2BE, and JZJFS Roots pumps, each revered for their steadfast and robust performance. By fusing these potent mechanisms, our product provides an extraordinary versatility and superior output that's second to none.

Distinctively, this unit features comprehensive components such as a vacuum buffer tank, vapor-liquid separator, heat exchanger, and a connecting pipeline. This assembly of components lends an immense depth of functionality to the system, rendering it capable of catering to a broad range of operational requirements.

One of the unit's unique attributes is its intelligent design, facilitating a closed-loop connection with the user's DCS. This automation reduces the possibility of manual control errors, ensuring consistent performance.

  • An efficiently designed, corrosion-resistant upgradeable liquid ring pump system.
  • Comprises our celebrated FSK series, F2SK series, F2BV series, F2BE series, and JZJFS Roots pump series, delivering comprehensive practicality.
  • Built-in vacuum buffer tank, vapor-liquid separator, heat exchanger, and connecting pipeline that provides a complete solution.
  • A smartly architected design enabling a closed-loop connection to the user DCS for smooth automation.
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