Interactive Arabic Teaching Clock - Time-telling Education Made Easy and Fun

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Interactive Arabic Teaching Clock – The Ultimate Learning Aid for Time-telling Education

Discover the power of interactive learning with the Arabic Teaching Clock. A revolutionary aid in the field of Arabic language learning, it works perfectly well both in a classroom setting and for personal use.

  • Quality Build: Crafted from premium-grade wood or plastic ensuring longevity
  • Engaging Visual Design: Comes equipped with a clear numeral display and distinct pointers to enhance the learning experience
  • Rightly Sized: Boasts an optimal 220-240mm diameter for ease of use
  • Excellent Packaging: Arrives in a solid cardboard box to minimize damage during transportation
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  • Procurenet Team Tshim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Unlock the Door to Learning with the Interactive Arabic Teaching Clock

Introducing the Interactive Arabic Teaching Clock, a powerful tool for stimulating young minds and simplifying the concept of telling time. Crafted with both education and entertainment in mind, this clock represents the perfect fusion of practical learning and engaging play.

Our clock is a meticulously engineered piece made from durable wood or sturdy plastic to withstand numerous hours of hands-on learning. A vivid numeric counter coupled with prominent large and small hands pave the way for a seamless time-telling exercise. The interactive nature of moving the clock hands fascinates kids, thereby stealthily ingraining the concept of reading time.

With a size of 220-240mm, the Arabic Teaching Clock snugly fits onto any desktop or table, making it a portable classroom or learning accessory. The included desktop stand guarantees effortless use and display, placing it as a must-have educational tool.

Features of the Interactive Arabic Teaching Clock

  • Sturdily constructed from high-quality materials for enhanced longevity.
  • Lucid numeric display facilitating easy comprehension.
  • Dynamic large and small hand mechanism for simple time-telling.
  • Included stand for effortless tabletop display and usage.
  • Perfect sizing (220-240mm) for both classrooms and home-based learning spaces.

Each Arabic Teaching Clock is individually encased in a robust cardboard box to ensure its safe arrival ready to commence enriching learning experiences. With the clock weighing approximately 0.4kg and a volume of 5.22cdm, it comes as part of kit S9935082.

The Arabic Teaching Clock doesn’t merely teach time-telling. It instills, amuses, and lays the foundation for a potentially lifelong interest in learning. This engaging learning aid stands as a symbol of knowledge and fun around every corner of the clock.

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