Versatile Teaching Clock with Braille Markings - Durable Educational Tool

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Versatile Teaching Clock with Braille Markings: A Robust Time-telling Educational Resource

An exceptional teaching clock designed for different learning settings. Fabricated from 5mm robust wood or 2mm enduring HDPE plastic.

  • Choice of Materials: Select between durable 5mm wood or 2mm resilient HDPE plastic for a pleasing aesthetic.
  • All-Inclusive Design: Equipped with large clear numbers and corresponding Braille markings to promote inclusivity.
  • Convenient Display: Includes a desk-top stand that facilitates easy setup and stable presentation.
  • Superior Visibility: Features a 220mm diameter and secure clock hands for enhanced readability.
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The Versatile Teaching Clock with Braille Markings is an innovative educational resource, meticulously designed to offer a universal learning experience. Thanks to the Braille markings, it enhances the inclusivity of the learning process, guaranteeing equal learning opportunities for every student.

Manufactured from either robust 5mm thick wood or 2mm high-quality HDPE plastic, this teaching clock displays resilience in design, offering impressive durability that can withstand even the most enthusiastic learning sessions. The large 220mm diameter accentuates visibility, ensuring it caters to all learners.

  • Practical Experience: Hour and minute hands are manually adjustable, allowing students a hands-on approach to learning time, while simultaneously refining their motor skills.
  • Clarity in Learning: The bold, understandable numerals promote the easy recognition of numbers and mastery of time-telling skills.
  • Comfort in Display: The included desktop stand places the clock at an easily visible position, making the learning process seamless and enjoyable.
  • Convenience in Mobility: Weighing 0.4kg and having a volume of 5.22 cdm, this clock combines portability and stability, making it the perfect teaching companion.
  • Secure Packaging: Every teaching clock arrives in a sturdy cardboard box, ensuring its optimal condition upon delivery.

This clock is a valuable addition to our comprehensive School-in-a-Box Kit, designed for a classroom of 40 students. Its combination of durability and supportive features also make it an efficient standalone education aid. By utilizing this resource, standard time practices turn into engaging, interactive experiences. Enhance your classroom or homeschooling technique with the distinct quality of our Versatile Teaching Clock with Braille Markings.

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