High-Quality Lint-Free Cleaner for HemoCue Photometers: Precise, Reliable Medical Device Cleaning

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Introducing the High-Quality Lint-Free Cleaner for HemoCue Photometers, an exceptional solution for precise and reliable medical equipment cleaning. This cleaner offers:

  • A lint-free, fiber-free design ensuring meticulous lens upkeep.
  • A pre-saturated, ultra-absorptive sponge for superior cleaning effect.
  • Individual aluminium foil packaging to maintain unequivocal product purity.
  • Compatibility specifically with HemoCue Hb 301/SET and HemoCue Glucose 201/SET photometers.
  • A confirmed shelf life of up to 24 months retaining product quality under 15 to 30°C.

Achieve Exceptional cleanliness, conforming to stringent medical standards, with this top-tier cleaning tool.

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High-Quality Lint-Free Cleaner for HemoCue Photometers: Precision Medical Device Cleaning

Our High-Quality Lint-Free Cleaner for HemoCue Photometers is meticulously designed to maintain the cleanliness and enhance the productivity of your photometers. This complete cleaning solution is provided in packs of five with each cleaner individually sealed for preserving freshness and achieving exceptional cleaning results.

Key Features:

  • The cleaner features a built-in sponge on a plastic holder that delivers superior cleaning performance. This unique feature helps remove all forms of contaminants, including dirt, dust, and blood stains, that can affect device functionality.
  • Developed specifically for meticulous cleaning process, it is fully compatible with S0000591 Photometer, HemoCue Hb 301/SET, and S0000590 Photometer, HemoCue Glucose 201/SET.
  • Its lightweight design (0.05kg) and compact dimensions (0.001m3) make this cleaner ideal for easy storage and transport.

Storage and Durability:

For optimal performance, store this cleaner within a temperature range of 15-30 degrees Celsius. With a shelf life of 24 months post-manufacturing, it ensures long-term usability and consistently superior cleaning results.

Reliable, Hassle-free Cleaning:

Invest in our High-Quality Lint-Free Cleaner for HemoCue Photometers for reliable, accurate, and superior cleaning of your medical devices. Our high-quality cleaner offers you the efficiency, ease-of-use, and thorough cleanliness that you require for your HemoCue devices, thereby enhancing device longevity and ensuring precise readings.

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