Rapid Chlorine/pH Water Test Kit for Diarrhoea Prevention and Emergency Response

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  • Rapid Chlorine/pH Water Test Kit, essential for diagnosing and preventing diarrhoea, designed for swift and precise measurement of Chlorine and pH levels in diverse water systems.
  • Applicable in varied contexts: household water storage, urban bulk water systems, and emergency situations for thorough water treatment with Chlorine disinfection.
  • Kit includes: pool tester, DPD1 and DPD3 tablets, pH rapid dissolving tablets with a measuring range of 0.1 to 3.0mg/l (extendable to 6.0mg/l) for Chlorine and 6.8 to 8.4 for pH.
  • Warning: Included tablets are exclusively for testing; not for human consumption nor combined with disinfection tablets.
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Rapid Chlorine/pH Water Test Kit for Diarrhoea Prevention

Our Rapid Chlorine/pH Water Test Kit is an ideal solution for enhancing and maintaining the health and safety of diverse communities. It is designed for efficient field use and is effective for on-the-spot water quality testing, especially in regions afflicted with diarrhoeal diseases. The kit measures free, total, and combined Chlorine levels and also includes rapid tests for pH values in water.

  • Complete testing parameters for Chlorine and pH values readily available for instant onsite testing, contributing to the accurate assessment of crucial water quality parameters.
  • Equipped with colorimetric scales that facilitate user-friendly visual interpretation, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency.
  • Measurement ranges for Chlorine spans from 0.1 to 3.0mg/l (or up to 6.0mg/l for maximum flexibility) and for pH values range from 6.8 to 8.4, aligning with accepted international standards of water quality.
  • Built with a transparent, durable plastic block design to prolong longevity while providing visibility.
  • Conveniently includes abundant reagents enough for 200 tests of Free Available Chlorine (FAC), and 20 tests each of combined/total Chlorine and pH values.
  • Features rapidly-dissolving tablets for quick and efficient testing, augmenting the speed of your water quality assessment processes.
  • Compact and lightweight design ensures easy portability and storage for on-the-go quality testing needs.
  • Considered a reliable tool for surveillance and monitoring of water post-treatment, validating the safety and drinkability of the water.

This product finds diverse applications from household water storage to large-scale urban water systems, owing to its convenient design and comprehensive test range. While its use is recommended for trained personnel, it poses as an essential resource in preparing and responding to emergencies by assuring clean and safe water. These features strengthen the versatility of our Rapid Chlorine/pH Water Test Kit for Diarrhoea Prevention.

Though usage instructions are included, we advocate for adequate training for handling this kit, especially as the tablets include active reagents that are not intended for consumption. The kit is developed keeping user safety in mind and promotes visibility and transparency in its results. However, it should be handled considering cultural sensitivities.

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