Powerful Antibiotic Capsules | Chloramphenicol 250mg Capsules for Bacterial Infections

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Chloramphenicol 250mg Capsules are a potent broad-spectrum antibiotic used in tackling a variety of bacterial infections. Featuring Chloramphenicol, these capsules disrupt bacterial protein synthesis, leading to the elimination of the bacteria.

  • Effectively tackles infections in the respiratory tract, skin, soft tissue, urinary tract, bloodstream, bone and joint, and eye.
  • Potent with each capsule containing 250mg of Chloramphenicol.
  • Stored safely under cool conditions, below 30u00b0C, shielded from light and moisture.
  • Requires cautious usage in cases of liver or kidney impairment.
  • Continuous usage for extended periods to be avoided to prevent bacterial resistance.
  • Each package contains a blister pack of 100 Chloramphenicol 250mg Capsules.
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Powerful Antibiotic | Chloramphenicol 250mg Capsules for Effective Treatment of Bacterial Infections

Reclaim your health with our reliable and effective Chloramphenicol 250mg capsules, formulated to combat a broad spectrum of bacterial pathogens. Developed as a lifesaving treatment alternative, it is effective against bacterial diseases from meningitis to salmonella.

Salient Features

  • Broad-Spectrum Efficacy: Since its inception in the 1940s, Chloramphenicol is famous for its broad-spectrum capabilities. It is successful in attenuating an extensive range of bacterial strains, helping your body reclaim health.
  • High-Quality Formulation: Each capsule contains a consistent dose of 250mg Chloramphenicol, precisely crafted to ensure reliability in your antibiotic regimen. High-quality medicine for a successful therapeutic journey.
  • Convenient and Secure Packaging: Our product comes in blister pack packaging, ensuring the potency and longevity of the antibiotic. Each pack contains 100 capsules, with 10 capsules neatly arranged in each blister card, facilitating an easy track of your daily intake.
  • Consistent Dosage: Please follow the instructions provided in the WHO Model Formulary 2008, or as directed by your healthcare provider. Remember, the efficacy of antibiotics depends on the correct usage.
  • Storage Information: Store the Chloramphenicol 250mg Capsules in a cool location, ideally below 30°C, and out of children's reach. Always ensure to secure the cap after usage to maintain the product integrity.

Kindly note that responsible usage of antibiotics is a preventative measure against bacterial resistance. Always comply with the recommended dosage and duration as advised by your health provider for effective treatment.

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