LX-0700N Chiller: Quintessential Cooling Solution for Robust and Efficient Performance

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Introducing the LX-0700N Chiller, your dependable cooling solution for industrial and laboratory settings. Key features:

  • Impressive temperature control range of -25°C to 30°C
  • Effective ASET controller for accurate regulation
  • Powerful cooling capacity of 4kW at 0°C
  • Intuitive 7-inch color touch screen for easy operation
  • Durable evaporator made of copper tube for efficient performance

Constructed with cold-rolled steel, this high-performance chiller promises durability along with precision.

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  • Procurenet Team Tshim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Unveiling the epitome of efficiency and reliability - our LX-0700N Chiller. Engineered to meet all your cooling requirements, this chiller guarantees optimum performance at all times, making it an unwavering workhorse in the realm of refrigeration. With cutting-edge attributes, this is your quintessential cooling solution.

  • Adaptable temperature control range from -25°C to 30°C, facilitating a personalized cooling experience.
  • Furnished with an ASET multifunctional controller, enabling fine-tuned temperature modifications at your disposal.
  • Remarkable cooling capacity of 4kW at 0°C, offering optimum performance in diverse environments.
  • Integration of copper tube evaporator and Copeland compressor for superior, efficient cooling action.
  • User-friendly 7-inch color touchscreen for effortless operation and real-time tracking.
  • Constructed with cold-rolled steel, guaranteeing durability and prolonged lifespan despite demanding usage.

Incorporating optional features like a circulation pump, SUS304 material, and a pressure maximum of 10 bar circulating pump, the LX-0700N Chiller outstrips the benchmark of cooling solutions. Reflecting exceptional craftsmanship and design, the chiller is structured for unrivalled performance and steadfastness. It weighs 180kg (air-cooled) and possesses the dimensions of 500*680*1350mm (air-cooled), lending it a robust yet compact form.

Inviting you to redefine your cooling expectations, we present the LX-0700N Chiller - a reliable marvel designed to offer the perfect blend of efficiency, robustness, and advanced technology. Incorporate the prowess of this cooling giant in your operations and experience unparalleled refrigeration today!

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