Children's Disability Guide REC Kit - Comprehensive Learning & Recreation Tool for Children with Disabilities

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The Children’s Disability Guide REC Kit is a comprehensive guide for enhancing recreational experiences for children with special needs. Designed for durability with a matte laminated cover and saddle-stitched 32-page booklet, it is printed on 75% post-consumer recycled paper as sustainability is prioritized.

  • Dimensions: Folded to A5 and unfolds to A4 size
  • Materials: Inside Pages – 135 GSM, glossy coated, 75% post-consumer waste recycled; Cover – 170 GSM glossy coated
  • Printing: Two-color print, both sides
  • Availability: For individual purchase or part of comprehensive Children’s Recreational Kit
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Children's Disability Guide REC Kit - Distinctive Resource for Special Needs Child Recreation

The Children's Disability Guide REC Kit is an extraordinary educational tool for enhancing the learning and recreational experiences of children with disabilities. It offers a comprehensive, sustainable, and tailored approach to special needs education, designed with the ultimate goal of enriching the lives of these extraordinary children.

Among its captivating features is a 32-page guide, intricately detailed and printed on 135 GSM glossy coated, eco-friendly paper which is 75% post-consumer waste recycled. The robust cover page, printed on 170 GSM glossy coated paper, further advocates for environmental sustenance. This superior print quality amalgamated with an eco-conscious approach creates a resource both visually appealing and responsible.

  • The guide has an original folded size of A5 and opens up expansively to A4, providing ample space for detailed descriptions and illustrations.
  • The two-color print is delightfully vibrant, giving life to both sides of the paper, and the matte lamination on both sides ensures added protection and enhanced longevity.
  • For a neat appearance and maximum resilience, the booklet is saddle-stitched along the 210mm edge, improving its durability and usability.

The packaging includes 20 shrink-wrapped booklets, making distribution efficient, easy and stylish, making it the prime choice for educators and caregivers who aim for quality and convenience. An important element of the Recreational Kit Box, this guide can be paired with a plethora of resources for a complete and enriching experience. Acknowledging the digital age, downloadable copies of this guide are also available, supplementing and enhancing the modern, digital learning experience.

The Ultimate Guide for Empowering Care in Disability

This comprehensive educational resource helps caregivers and educators in making recreational activities more accessible and enjoyable for children with disabilities. Inclusion has never been this feasible, thanks to the Children's Disability Guide REC Kit.

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