Advanced Chemical Passivation Production Line | Stainless Steel & Iron: Enhancing Durability and Efficiency

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Streamline your operations with the Advanced Chemical Passivation Production Line designed for optimum Stainless Steel and Iron cleaning. Equipped with eco-friendly chemical solutions and featuring corrosion-resistant acid passivation treatment, this equipment ensures outstanding performance and safety. With ultrasonic cleaning and intuitive touch screen PLC control, users can expect efficient, top-notch cleaning and ease of operation. Additional highlights include a three-tier user management system for superior user control, a self-save function for easy data access, and constant temperature control for consistent performance. The unit also comes with an online detection system for real-time updates and a power supply protection system for enhanced safety.

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Advanced Chemical Passivation Production Line for Stainless Steel & Iron: An Innovative Solution for Long-Term Protection

The Advanced Chemical Passivation Production Line for Stainless Steel & Iron is a state-of-the-art system designed to radically boost the durability and longevity of your stainless steel and iron products. By employing cutting-edge technology for superior cleaning and passivation, it revolutionises traditional systems.

  • The passivation process uses acid, making this system ideal for enhancing corrosion resistance on welding parts. This, in turn, significantly extends the lifespan of your products.
  • The chemical solution used in our system is environmentally safe, devoid of heavy metals and harmful substances. This allows users to maintain sustainability while meeting the requirements for ROHS certification.
  • Unique to our line of production, our passivation process incorporates ultrasonic cleaning for a comprehensive removal of residual chemicals.
  • This system comes with a user-friendly touchscreen PLC control, enabling easy saving and retrieval of parameters for consistent processing.
  • The system includes a three-tier user management system that streamlines operations efficiently.
  • In case of unexpected power outages, this system has a self-save function that ensures you can resume work without losing any stored values.
  • Constant temperature control, water circulation, adjustable temperatures in each tank, water level control, and heating protection are critical features to ensure optimal processing conditions.
  • Additional innovative features include an acid mist recovery system, power supply protection system, online detection system for potion proportionate, acidity and pH value, among others.

For businesses committed to delivering the highest quality products, our advanced chemical passivation production line is the ultimate comprehensive solution. Invest in our system and experience the high standards of cleaning and passivation.

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