Quality Non-Toxic White/Yellow Chalk - Box of 100 for Schools

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Chalk, White/Yellow – Box of 100 | Non-Toxic Calcium Carbonate Chalks for Schools

  • Composed of Safe Materials: Mainly made up of non-toxic Calcium Carbonate (60%), offering safe usability in classrooms.
  • Multipack Assortment: Packs of 100 chalks, with 90 white and 10 yellow, catering to diverse classroom needs.
  • Designed for Ease: Cylindrical (80mm x 10mm) design for simplified handling and seamless writing.
  • Extremely Versatile: Compatible with chalkboards, slates, and various educational tools.
  • School Supply Essential: Ideal for stocking up school supplies and student’s materials.
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Quality White/Yellow Chalk for Effective Learning - Box of 100

Introducing our box of 100 premium white and yellow chalks, designed for superior visibility and readability in classrooms. Composed of 60% Calcium Carbonate, 29% Talcum Powder, and 11% Bentonite, these chalks not only brighten the learning experience but also validate safety standards with their non-toxic feature.

  • Highest Quality, Safe Materials: We ensure the safety of students and teachers alike with our chalks being primarily composed of non-toxic materials like Calcium Carbonate, Talcum Powder, and Bentonite.
  • Optimal Variety of Colors: This box contains a variation of 90 white and 10 yellow chalks, providing a vibrant mix of colors to cater to differing display requirements.
  • Comfortable Size and Shape: Our chalks are consistently cylindrical and extruded, measuring approximately 80 mm in length and 10 mm in diameter, resulting in optimal grip comfort.
  • Wide Scope of Use: These chalks are not only suitable for individual classroom use but also as refills for extensive school supply kits. Whether you're replenishing in bulk or in parts, our chalks meet all your demands.
  • Integral Component of Kits: Found in many educational kits as vital components, our chalks are truly versatile and useful in various learning scenarios.

Preservation Guide:

Prolong the durability of your chalks by storing them in cool and dry environments. To remove markings, use a separate chalkboard duster or wiper.

Packaging and Shipping:

We thoughtfully pack our chalks in quantities of 100 per box to safeguard their condition during transit.

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