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Express your creativity with the ‘Box of 100 Assorted Colours Chalk’. A perfect blend of utility and visual vibrancy for homes, classrooms, or art projects. Essential product details include:

  • Material: Comprises safe, non-toxic calcium carbonate.
  • Dimensions: Features cylindrical chalks, 80mm in length and 10mm diameter.
  • Color Variety: Offers 10 distinct colours, encouraging a broad spectrum of creative expression.
  • Package: Contains 100 pieces per box, each weighing 1.5kg with a volume of 1.53cdm.
  • Safety Assurance: Meets international safety standards, engendering trust across all age groups.
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Encourage creativity and bring learning to life with the 'Box of 100 Assorted Colours Chalk'. This dynamic art supply offers a vibrant palette of 10 distinctive colours that spark imagination and enhance visual learning. The bright colours appeal to children, sparking their creativity, and encouraging self-expression. An exciting educational tool, these chalks are equally suitable for classroom learning and fun home activities.

Safety is of utmost importance, and each chalk piece is made from non-toxic calcium carbonate, safe for children of all ages. Every box adheres to internationally recognized safety standards, assuring parents and educators of the safety of our products.

  • A box contains 100 chalk pieces in a spectrum of 10 colours: red, green, blue, orange, yellow, pink, purple, brown, cyan, and light green, perfect for a variety of drawing and writing tasks.
  • Each cylindrical chalk is meticulously designed for a comfortable grip. It is extruded to an exact length of around 80mm and a diameter of 10mm, making it easy for children to hold and maneuver.
  • The durable packaging assures the product arrives in perfect condition. The sturdy box, housing the vibrant chalk pieces, is perfect for storage and easy to carry around.
  • The entire box weighs approximately 1.5 kg with a volume of 1.53 cdm. This amount ensures you have sufficient supply for creative projects and learning activities.
  • Additional items include a Duster/Wiper for effortless chalkboard cleaning (sold separately).
  • The Box of 100 Assorted Colours Chalk is an ideal component of a School-in-a-Carton, School-in-a-Box, School-in-a-Bag, or a Replenishment Kit for the School-in-a-Box. It's an efficient solution for equipping educational essentials.

Opt for 'Box of 100 Assorted Colours Chalk' for a vibrant addition to your art supplies and educational tools. They are not just chalks; they are instruments of creative expressions!

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