High-Quality Superior Ceramic Membrane for Exceptional Filtration Performance

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Premium Superior Ceramic Membrane delivers optimal filtration performance, key in industries such as water treatment, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. Constructed mainly from 99% α-Al2O3/ZrO2, this high-grade membrane provides superior efficiency in particle and contaminant removal.

  • Unrivaled Filtration: Engineered for excellence, accommodating various sizes and filtration systems.
  • Exceptional Durability: Can resist a wide pH range (0-14) and withstand temperatures under 150°C.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for sectors seeking premium and consistent filtration, including water and wastewater treatment, pharmaceuticals, or food and beverage processing.
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Premium Superior Ceramic Membrane for Optimal Filtration Performance

Benefit from the ultimate filtration solution with the highest quality Superior Ceramic Membrane. Created with a top-tier mix of 99% u03b1-Al2O3 and ZrO2, this superior ceramic assures matchless efficacy and longevity under fluctuating working circumstances. Renowned for its flexible application, it seamlessly addresses all your filtration needs, regardless of the industry type.

The ceramic membrane symbolizes cutting-edge technology and is distinctly marked by its pore size of 50/20nm. With this remarkable precision, it filters out particles for superior filtration, assuring the end product is of superior quality.

This filtration instrument allows customization with diameters ranging from 25, 30, and 40mm and lengths from 1200, 1178, 1016, to 1000mm, empowering you to tweak your filtration system for maximum efficiency.

As evidence of its extraordinary quality, the ceramic membrane operates on an inside to outside permeation principle. This not only boosts the filtration efficiency but also extends its lifespan, offering a cost-effective solution over time.

Designed to endure a wide pH spectrum from 0 to 14, the ceramic membrane proves an impressive pH resistance, making it a perfect fit for various fluids, providing an all-inclusive fluid-processing solution.

Crafted to survive high-temperature conditions, the ceramic membrane upholds its durability even at temperatures up to 150 degrees. This equips it to function in severe operational conditions, making it a smart choice for heavy-duty industrial applications.

  • Composed from 99% u03b1-Al2O3/ZrO2 ensuring top-tier filtration
  • Pore size of 50/20nm ensuring unmatched precision
  • Avail in a variety of diameters and lengths for personalized filtration systems
  • Superior permeate flow from inside to outside
  • Capable of withstanding a vast pH span of 0-14, attuned with diverse fluids
  • Can endure high temperatures up to 150 degrees for challenging operational conditions
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