Cefixime Powder for Suspension 100mg/5ml: Superior Treatment for Bacterial Infections

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Choose our high-grade Cefixime Powder for Suspension that ensures superior patient safety. Its distinct features are:

  • Offers a concentration of 100mg/5ml Cefixime, suitable for oral use.
  • Is consistent with BP, Ph. Eur., and USP pharmacopeias standards.
  • Includes a measuring device for accurate dosing.
  • Ensures long-term stability under zone IVb conditions.

This ideal solution to bacterial infections includes a patient information leaflet for better understanding. Note that its remarkable qualities make it a prime choice for health professionals worldwide.

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Cefixime Powder for Suspension 100mg/5ml is a high-quality antibiotic formulation designed to treat various bacterial infections effectively. It encapsulates the perfect balance of strength and safety, bringing to you an unrivaled option for infection management.

Key Features:

  • Formulated with 100mg of Cefixime per 5ml, ensuring accurate dosage for maximum efficacy.
  • Complies with BP, Ph. Eur., and USP quality standards, guaranteeing superior quality and safety.
  • Shows long-term stability under Zone IVb conditions, meaning it can withstand diverse environmental settings.
  • Intended for oral administration, making it a convenient option for end users.

Packaging that Enables Precision and Promotes Knowledge:

  • Elicits precision dosing with the inclusion of a specially developed measuring device.
  • Includes a comprehensive patient leaflet detailing the product usage, safety precautions, and other vital information to foster informed healthcare decisions.

Additional Benefits:

  • Integral part of the S9901003 IEHK 2011 PEP KIT, enhancing its utility in disease prevention and control.
  • Lightweight and compact packaging with an approximate weight of 0.170Kg and volume of 0.720CDM, for convenient storage and transportation.

In summary, Cefixime Powder for Suspension 100mg/5ml is more than just another product; it is a commitment toward outstanding patient safety and efficient disease management. For healthcare professionals and institutions seeking a reliable solution for bacterial infections, it stands out as a smart choice.

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