CE Laboratory Cooling and Heating Control System - Precision & Efficiency in Temperature Control

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CE Laboratory Cooling and Heating Control System is an optimized laboratory equipment designed for a broad array of reactor types. It’s known for its exceptional precision and temperature control ranging from -105°C to 100°C. This system adds value to numerous applications and enhances the reliability of research and experimental results. Noteworthy features:

  • High-precision PID control system guarantees optimal results.
  • Designed with a safety-oriented approach to ensure seamless operation.
  • The closed circulation system promises a clean and sterile working ambience.
  • Constructed with durable SUS 304, providing long-term service.
  • Upgradable with various enhancements to boost its functionality based on research requirements.
  • Operates efficiently on AC 380V 50Hz.
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Discover a new era of temperature management with the 'CE Laboratory Cooling and Heating Control System'. This versatile piece of laboratory equipment caters to a wide temperature range varying from -105°C to 100°C, perfect for a myriad of temperature-sensitive applications. It is the epitome of precision and efficiency in laboratory environments, ensuring accurate temperature regulation for various types of reactors, including glass, metal, and bioreactors.

Engineered with an advanced feed-forward PID and dynamic control, the device guarantees accurate temperature management, living up to the highest standards under challenging conditions in laboratories. It comes equipped with a user-friendly 7-inch coloured touchscreen that records real-time temperature curves and enables easy data export, making temperature monitoring and reporting a breeze.

Outfitted with safety measures, the device includes a self-diagnosis function and overload protection, offering users peace of mind during operation. The system is further equipped with a closed circulation system, preventing oil mist emission at high temperatures and water vapour at low temperatures, thereby enhancing its performance and longevity.

The cooling and heating control system is built to last with durable SUS 304 material, designed to withstand routine use in testing environments. It operates with an AC 380V, 50HZ power supply, with a high power capacity of 27kW. The system also has potential for Ethernet connectivity and an optional external touchscreen display controller for added convenience and functionality.

  • Extensive temperature range from -105°C to 100°C
  • Compatible with a variety of reactor types
  • Advanced PID and dynamic control for precise temperature regulation
  • 7-inch color touchscreen for real-time temperature curve recording and data export
  • Built-in safety measures: self-diagnosis and overload protection
  • Closed circulation system to prevent emissions
  • Sturdy SUS 304 construction
  • Ethernet interface and optional external touchscreen display controller
  • Operates with an AC 380V, 50HZ power supply and power capacity up to 27kW
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