Medical-Grade CH12 Urethral Catheter - Superior Comfort & Efficiency

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High-Quality CH12 Urethral Catheter | Medical-Grade & Disposable | Superior Comfort & Efficiency

  • Medical Purpose: Primarily used for aseptic, efficient, and hygienic urine drainage from the bladder.
  • Quality: Disposable, sterile, composed of sturdy Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
  • Design: Utilizes a Nelaton tip for atraumatic insertion, a rounded distal-end catheter with 2 lateral eyes, and a cup connector for a urine bag.
  • Usage: Best suited for short-term catheterization, requires strict aseptic techniques during insertion. Incinerated after use.
  • Kit Inclusion: Integral part of S9902219 – Midwifery kit, and S9908302 – Obstetric surgical kit.
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High-Quality CH12 Urethral Catheter: Superior Comfort & Unmatched Efficiency

Equip yourself with our Medical-Grade CH12 Urethral Catheter, designed to provide unparalleled excellence in quality, comfort, and performance. Primarily constructed for short-term catheterization needs, it is an essential tool for efficient urine drainage that guarantees patient comfort and safety. Constructed with medical-grade Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), our Urethral Catheter is an emblem of durability and robustness.

Main Features

  • Smoothly rounded, atraumatic distal end with double lateral eyes to minimize trauma upon insertion.
  • Intuitively designed proximal end equipped with a cup connector for seamless connection to the urine bag.
  • Diameter measured as per the Charriere, French Gauge, providing an accurate and precise fit. Distinct color-coding for swift size identification.
  • CH12 design, with length specifications in centimeters, offers superior precision and accuracy.

Packaging & Storage

  • Individually packaged and sterilized for safety, thereby eliminating potential cross-contamination.
  • Supplied as 100 Nelaton catheters in one box.
  • To retain quality, store away from extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations.
  • Provided in sterile packaging and strictly for single-use.

Usage Instructions & Safety Guidelines

  • Apply strict aseptic techniques during insertion.
  • Gentle lubrication suggested for easy insertion. Avoid substances that could potentially alter the catheter's chemical or physical properties.
  • Post-use, ethically dispose of as per environmental guidelines.
  • Do not use if the packaging appears compromised. Ensure product integrity before usage.

Endorsed by professional healthcare practitioners for its usability in Midwifery kits and Obstetric surgical kits, our CH12 Urethral Catheter stands as a testament to versatile application and uncompromised reliability. Invest in our high-quality Urethral Catheter today for optimized medical procedures.

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