High-Quality CH18 Foley Catheter - Urinary Drainage Solution

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CH18 Foley Catheter – High Quality, Disposable Sterile Urinary Drainage Device

The CH18 Foley Catheter is a premium quality, disposable device for effective urinary drainage, designed meticulously for patient comfort. It features a:

  • 2-way catheter with a Nelaton tip
  • Central channel for efficient drainage and a side channel for balloon inflation
  • Comfortable silicone-coated natural latex construction
  • Distinguishing color coding system for ease of identification

Crafted for medium-long term catheterization, each unit is individually packed and sterilized. Balloon inflation requires sterile water or physiological saline. Single-use only. Responsible disposal is advised for this CH18 diameter catheter of 30-40cm length, with a balloon capacity of 5-15ml.

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The CH18 Foley Catheter for sterile urinary drainage is a high-quality disposable medical device. Developed with precisions, it is tailor-made to cater to the needs of effective urinary drainage. Constructed from natural latex and coated with silicone, this catheter guarantees maximum comfort, making it easy for patients to use.

  • Two-way functionality: It features a Nelaton tip and is structured with two distinct channels, the central channel is for urinary drainage, and the side channel is for balloon inflation. This unique design facilitates effective drainage while minimizing potential complication risks.
  • Unique specifications: The CH18 Foley Catheter possesses a CH18 diameter, alongside a length of between 30-40cm and a balloon capacity of 5-15ml. These unique features set it apart from other brands in the market.
  • Color-coding mechanism: This catheter is color-coded to streamline the identification process, enhancing its user-friendly nature.
  • Hygienic packaging: Each cath13 Foley Catheter is individually packed and sterilized, ensuring maximum safety and hygiene. Each package contains a box of 10 units, perfect for long-term use.

Usage instructions:

The CH18 Foley Catheter is designed for medium to long-term catheterization. It is essential to adhere to strict aseptic techniques during the insertion process. Only sterile water or physiological saline should be used for balloon inflation to minimize infection risks.

Storage and Safety:

Store the CH18 Foley Catheter away from extreme temperatures and humidity. Check each unit for any damages before usage. This catheter is for single use only and should be discarded responsibly after use.

An Essential Tool:

The CH18 Foley Catheter is a critical component of our IEHK2011 supplementary kit and is an essential tool for efficient urinary drainage.

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