Premium Foley Catheter CH14 - Sterile, Disposable Urinary Drainage System

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Foley Catheter CH14 – High-Quality Sterile, Disposable Urinary Drainage System

  • Effective Urinary Drainage: Our CH14 Foley Catheter is a sterile, disposable solution ensuring efficient urinary drainage.
  • Improved Patient Comfort: Manufactured from a blend of natural latex and silicone, it provides enhanced patient comfort.
  • Convenient 2-Way Design: Nelaton tip, central drainage channel, and a rounded distal end enrich functionality and ease-of-use.
  • Easy Connection: Designed with a cup connector for effortless connection to a urine bag.
  • Sanitize & Safe: Initial sterilization is performed using ethylene oxide gas for ensured safety.
  • Long Shelf Life: Reliable usage guaranteed with a 3-year shelf life.
  • Ready-to-Use Packaging: Each package contains 10 sterilized, individually sealed catheters for storage convenience.
  • Broad Application: Optimal for both medical professionals and patients requiring urinary drainage.
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Unparalleled Foley Catheter CH14 - Sterile, Disposable Urinary Drainage System for Optimal Care

Our advanced Foley Catheter CH14 is a state-of-the-art, silicone-coated urinary drainage system, crucial for medium to long-term catheterization cases that demand a perfect blend of safety, hygiene, and patient comfort. As a superior, disposable, and entirely sterile solution, it provides uncompromised quality.

Outstanding Attributes

  • Ensuring utmost cleanliness and safety, each catheter is sterilized and ready for immediate use.
  • Our Foley 2-way catheter features a nelaton tip that maximizes urinary drainage functionality while minimizing patient irritation.
  • Color-coded CH14 diameter facilitates straightforward identification and ensures correctly sized applications.
  • The natural latex material coated with silicone enhances patient experience by providing a silky smooth surface for reduction of irritation and increased comfort.

Supreme Design for Comfort and Flexibility

The Foley Catheter CH14 features an easily insertable rounded distal end and laterally placed eyes for improved patient comfort. The proximal end features a cup connector for a simple and convenient connection to urinary drainage bags. Furthermore, the catheter’s balloon can be inflated smoothly via a side channel featuring a no-return valve and Luer tip connector.

Exceptional Material and Packaging

Derived from natural latex and layered with silicone, our catheter guarantees an exemplary insertion process and enhanced patient comfort. Each catheter is sterilized and individually encased in a sterile peel pack, assuring the maintenance of sterility until the moment of application. Each package comes with ten (10) individually enclosed catheters.

Informed Usage and Disposal

Designed for sterile urethral catheterization and effective urine drainage, the catheter should be safely disposed of post-use through incineration within a controlled environment.

Preservation and Health Check

While our catheters are designed for maximal durability, they should be stored appropriately, avoiding extreme humidity and temperature to maintain quality. Ensure to check the packing's integrity before usage, any visible damage to the pack suggests a breach in sterility.
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