CH12 Foley Catheter - Masterclass in Efficient Urinary Drainage

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CH12 Foley Catheter – Sterile Disposable Urinary Drainage Device: A critical tool for urinary drainage with two-way Foley catheterization functionality. Its CH12 (French gauge) diameter and 30-40cm length permit satisfactory flexibility. The device features a distinctive balloon bolster, adjustable between 5 to 15ml capacities. Made of natural latex with silicone coating for maximum compatibility and sterilized with ethylene oxide for safety.
Key Features:

  • The shelf life of 3 years.
  • Primary individual packaging in a sterilized peel pack and secondary packaging of 10 units per box enhances safety and convenience.
  • Single-use only with advised incineration in controlled environments for disposal.
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Introduction to CH12 Foley Catheter - The Premier Choice for Urinary Drainage

The CH12 Foley Catheter, a cutting-edge development in medicinal devices, is specifically designed for efficient urinary drainage. Distinguished for its unparalleled quality, durability, and reliability, this sterile and disposable device elevates the standard of healthcare by offering paramount comfort to patients.

Sophisticated Design & Unrivalled Characteristics

The catheter's clever construal encompasses a twofold mechanism, with a central channel dedicated for urination and a side channel for inflating the balloon. Its size, denoted as CH12, aligns with Charriere, a French Gauge system, and extends to a length between 30-40cm. Equipped with a balloon that can host a capacity of 5-15ml, the device stands out for its exquisite features that accelerate precision in urinary drainage and patient comfort.

Impeccable Material Composition & Sterilization Process

Crafted from natural latex and layered with silicone, the CH12 Foley Catheter epitomizes the pinnacle of patient safety and solace. Every catheter is sterilized utilizing ethylene oxide gas, endorsing both its high-grade quality and secure sterilization.

Sensible Packaging & Weight Information

Each catheter is housed in a sterilized peel pack to security, with a second layer of packaging containing a set of 10 catheters to promote convenience for medical institutions. The weight of a single unit reads at 0.021kg and has a volume of 0.233cdm.

Guidelines on Usage & Storage

Engineered for medium to long-term catheterization within the bladder cavity, the CH12 Foley Catheter should be manipulated using sterile techniques. Lubrication of the catheter should be executed only with aseptic substances that harmonize with the device. The storage of this product mandates controlled conditions exempted from extreme temperatures and high humidity.

Safety Precautions & Device Disposal

As a single-use device, the CH12 Foley Catheter should not be reused to deter any risks or contamination. The device is recommended to be incinerated in a controlled environment to ensure its safe disposal.

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