Cathepsin F Active: High-Quality Recombinant Enzyme for Research

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  • Description: Cathepsin F Active human recombinant is a high-quality enzyme that is expressed in FreeStyle™ 293-F cells.
  • Purity: This enzyme has a purity of ≥90% as determined by SDS-PAGE analysis.
  • Features:
    • Expressed in FreeStyle™ 293-F cells.
    • Purity of ≥90% determined by SDS-PAGE.
  • Applications:
    • Study of enzyme kinetics.
    • Screening inhibitors.
    • Selectivity profiling.
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Cathepsin F Active human recombinant

This Cathepsin F Active human recombinant is a high-quality enzyme that is specifically designed for use in various biological research applications. It is expressed in FreeStyleu2122 293-F cells, ensuring a reliable and consistent source of the enzyme. With a purity of u226590% as determined by SDS-PAGE analysis, this enzyme offers researchers the confidence to achieve accurate and reproducible results in their experiments.


  • Expressed in FreeStyleu2122 293-F cells:
    By utilizing FreeStyleu2122 293-F cells as the expression system, this recombinant Cathepsin F enzyme guarantees a reliable source of high-quality enzyme for research use.
  • Purity of u226590% determined by SDS-PAGE:
    The purity of this enzyme, as determined by SDS-PAGE analysis, exceeds 90%. This high level of purity ensures that researchers are working with a highly active and homogeneous enzyme.


  • Study of enzyme kinetics:
    This Cathepsin F enzyme is ideal for studying the kinetics of the enzyme, allowing researchers to gain valuable insights into its activity, substrate specificity, and mechanism of action.
  • Screening inhibitors:
    With its high purity and activity, this recombinant Cathepsin F enzyme is well-suited for screening potential inhibitors. Researchers can use this enzyme to identify and characterize compounds that can modulate the activity of Cathepsin F.
  • Selectivity profiling:
    Understanding the selectivity of an enzyme is crucial in drug discovery and development. This Cathepsin F enzyme enables researchers to profile its selectivity towards different substrates, providing valuable information for drug design and optimization.
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