High-Quality 150mm U-PVC Casing Pipe for Borehole Applications

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Premium grade U-PVC Casing Pipe meticulously designed for borehole applications. Nominal diameter measures 150 mm, perfect for in-depth installations.

  • 150 mm U-PVC casing pipe optimized for borehole deployment.
  • Inscribed with trapezoid threads in accordance with DIN 4925/8061 standards.
  • Delivered in 2.9m lengths for manageable installation and transport.
  • Take note, associated items such as sand trap pipe, clamps, hoisting tools, plugs, and caps can be bought separately.
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Robust 150mm U-PVC Casing Pipe for Borehole Applications

Modernize your borehole applications with the cutting-edge 150mm U-PVC Casing Pipe. It's a trailblazing product developed with rigorous engineering precision for borehole installations. Able to reach depths of 90 meters, this pipe is optimally designed for longevity and efficiency.

Key Features

  • High-Impact U-PVC Construction: Manufactured from high-impact U-PVC to ensure superior robustness and durability. Withstand harsh borehole environments time and time again.
  • Optimal Diameter: The nominal diameter of 150mm makes it exceptionally suitable for borehole construction. Ensures proper, secure fitting for optimal results.
  • Trapezoidal Threads: Features trapezoidal threads following the DIN 4925/8061 or equivalent standard. Guarantees secure, tight-fitting installation.
  • Extended Length: Supplied in 2.9m lengths to cater for deeper installations.


Though the pipe comes as a standalone product, additional accessories such as sand trap pipe, hoisting tools, clamps, plugs, and caps can be ordered separately to enhance the efficiency of your borehole operations.


The pipe's sleek, smooth design enables the easy placement of packing gravel, optimizing the efficiency of your operations and increasing the longevity of the setup. It's perfect for borehole lining, offering a seamless operation experience.


We advise using flush joint pipes due to their smooth sides. This pipe features an outer diameter over the socket for 150 mm ND pipes of approximately 174 mm.

Transform your borehole applications with precision-engineered quality. Opt for the reliable and robust 150mm U-PVC Casing Pipe.

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