'careBrush for careHPV Collection Medium - 50 Brushes' - Enhance HPV Testing Accuracy

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Product Description: ‘careBrush for careHPV Collection Medium – 50 brushes’ is a specialty tool, intended for the effective collection, transfer, and preservation of cervical samples.

  • Aids In: Tailor-made for low-resource conditions for practicality and accessibility.
  • Sample Longevity: Ensures specimen viability at 2-8u00b0C for 30 days or 15-30u00b0C for 14 days in a careHPV Collection Medium.
  • Package Contents: Includes 50 sturdy cervical brushes and a user-friendly manual.
  • Specifications: Weighs 0.5 kg, with a volume of 7.151 dm3 and shelf life of up to 24 months.

The perfect blend of reliability and resource efficiency.

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The 'careBrush for careHPV Collection Medium - 50 Brushes' is an innovative solution that enhances the accuracy and reliability of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) testing. Expertly designed for compatibility with the careHPV Test, this product provides efficient collection, transport, and preservation of cervical specimens, contributing to successful diagnostic tests.

  • Specially Engineered: These brushes are optimized for use with the careHPV Collection Medium, ensuring a seamless, hassle-free collection, and storage process.
  • High-Quality Collection & Storage: The careBrushes are ideally suited for transporting and maintaining the substance integrity of cervical samples, contributing to dependable test results.
  • Compatible with careHPV Test: When used with the careHPV Test, these brushes guarantee precise and reliable outcomes.
  • Suitable for Low-Resource Settings: With their simplicity and ease of use, they are an optimal choice for facilities with limited resources.
  • Exceptional Specimen Stability: When preserved in the careHPV Collection Medium, the brushes assure the collected specimens remain stable at 2-8 degrees Celsius for up to 30 days or at 15-30 degrees Celsius for up to 14 days. This aids in reducing the risk of specimen degradation, thus ensuring trustworthy test results.

The package includes a set of 50 Prescored cervical brushes and an Instruction For Use (IFU), providing everything you need in one convenient kit. Enhance your laboratory's diagnostic capabilities with the 'careBrush for careHPV Collection Medium - 50 Brushes' for reliable and accurate cervical testing procedures.

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