Calmodulin Porcine Brain - Ubiquitous Ca2+-Binding Protein

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  • Ubiquitous Ca2+-binding protein: Calmodulin, Porcine Brain serves as a physiological effector of a wide range of biological processes.
  • Purified from porcine brain: The calmodulin is purified from porcine brain, ensuring its quality and reliability.
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Calmodulin, Porcine Brain

  • Calmodulin, Porcine Brain is a ubiquitous Ca2+-binding protein that serves as a physiological effector of a wide range of biological processes.
  • Purified from porcine brain.
  • Calmodulin is a versatile protein present in almost every eukaryotic cell. It acts as a regulator of cellular function by binding to Ca2+ and participating in a variety of Ca2+-dependent signaling pathways.
  • Calmodulin is a small, highly conserved protein consisting of 148 amino acid residues. It contains four Ca2+-binding sites, each able to bind a single Ca2+ ion.
  • The primary function of calmodulin is to regulate the activity of multiple enzymes and proteins. It undergoes conformational changes upon Ca2+ binding, allowing it to interact with various target proteins.
  • The high affinity of calmodulin for Ca2+ allows it to rapidly respond to changes in intracellular Ca2+ levels, which are crucial for many cellular processes including muscle contraction, cell division, and neurotransmitter release.
  • Calmodulin, Porcine Brain is purified from porcine brain tissue using a series of rigorous purification steps. The process involves homogenization of the tissue, followed by differential centrifugation to isolate the crude supernatant. The supernatant is then subjected to chromatographic techniques to isolate and purify the calmodulin protein.
  • The purity of Calmodulin, Porcine Brain is of the highest quality, ensuring the absence of contaminants that could interfere with its function and downstream applications.
  • Calmodulin, Porcine Brain is suitable for a wide range of research applications, including but not limited to:
    • Studying the role of calmodulin in intracellular Ca2+ signaling pathways
    • Investigating the interaction between calmodulin and its target proteins
    • Examining the effects of calmodulin on enzyme activity
    • Investigating the binding kinetics of calmodulin and Ca2+
  • The versatility of Calmodulin, Porcine Brain makes it an essential tool for researchers studying diverse fields such as cell biology, neurobiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology.
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