High-Quality Calcium Gluconate 100mg/ml Injection - 10ml Ampoules

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Top-grade Calcium Gluconate 100mg/ml Injection – 10ml Ampoules (10 in a Box)

  • Premium Calcium Gluconate injection: Vital medication used in diverse therapeutic procedures
  • Perfect concentration: Contains 100mg/ml for effective outcomes
  • Adequate size: Each ampoule offers 10ml of this essential medicine
  • Secured packaging: Ampoules are tightly encased in boxes each containing 10 ampoules
  • CAS number 299-28-5: Universally recognized and acknowledged in all regulatory authorities
  • Chemical formula: C12H22CaO14, aligns with global industry benchmarks
  • Usage: Primarily for Acid-Base and Electrolyte Regulation, also as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient
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Product Description

Boost your wellness with our high-quality Calcium Gluconate 100mg/ml Injection - 10ml Ampoules (Box of 10). This exceptional product is expertly formulated, guaranteeing immediate absorption and high effectiveness. Each 10ml ampoule delivers a potent dose of calcium gluconate, a fundamental supplement for sustaining the normal functioning of bones, muscles, the heart, and nerves. Ideal to counteract hypocalcemia and magnesium sulfate toxicity.

Key Features

  • Each ampoule delivers a potent dose of 100mg/ml Calcium Gluconate, making it an efficient supplement.
  • Convenient packaging with each box containing 10 ampoules for an easy supply and storage.
  • The size of the 10ml ampoule ensures controlled measurement and administration of the dosage, suitable for various medical applications.

Usage Directions

Further information on usage directions, precautions, contraindications, and potential side effects can be found in the World Health Organization Model Formulary at http://www.who.int/selection_medicines/list/WMF2008.pdf. This product is often included in the IEHK2011 kit, supplement 1-drugs.


Our Calcium Gluconate injection plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy constitution, impacting functions in bones, muscles, the heart, and nerves. The dosage ensures rapid application and absorption, functioning with superior efficacy. Boost your health with our High-Quality Calcium Gluconate 100mg/ml Injection.

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