Double-Door Instrument Cabinet: The Perfect Combination of Optimum Security and Storage

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Double-Door Instrument Cabinet: Optimum Security & Storage Solution – Ideal for laboratories, pharmaceutical settings, or industrial settings. Made from corrosion-resistant epoxy-coated plate steel, it provides secure, organized storage.

  • Adjustable Feet: Ensures stable placement on any floor surface.
  • Recessed Safety Glass Doors: Offers enhanced protection for stored contents.
  • Key-Lock System: Guarantees secure storage against unauthorized access.
  • Reinforced Shelves: Each shelf supports up to 25kg load.
  • Easy Cleaning System: Facilitates effortless and hygienic upkeep.
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Double-Door Instrument Cabinet: Optimum Security & Storage Solution

Elevate your organization's efficiency and security with our Double-Door Instrument Cabinet. This comprehensive storage solution caters to the specific needs of diverse sectors - healthcare, education, research, and various industries, guaranteeing an unmatched amalgamation of robustness, cutting-edge security, and maximum storage capacity.

  • Robust Construction: Our Double-Door Instrument Cabinet is engineered using epoxy-coated plate steel, ensuring prolonged durability. Its remarkable resistance against wear and tear makes it an invaluable addition to your storage systems.
  • Advance Security: The incorporation of hardened safety glass doors with grounded edges keeps your valuable equipment secure while offering outstanding visibility. Coupled with sophisticated key-lock mechanisms, we highly prioritize the safety of your stored materials.
  • Maximized Storage: The cabinet's dimensions, 80 x 40 x 180-190 cm, accommodate adjustable 25 kg bearing capacity shelves, optimizing the storage space to its fullest prospects. It provides an intelligent space optimization scheme for your organizational needs.
  • User-Friendly: This state-of-the-art cabinet couples a comprehensive assembly toolkit with intricate instructions for effortless setup. Added clearance underneath and adjustable feet make the cleaning process more convenient than ever.

This superior storage solution conforms to EAN 128 barcode standards, ensuring seamless electronic reading and high compatibility. Weighing approximately 64 kg and carrying a volume of 0.20 cbm, the single packaged unit of this cabinet is delivered with a unique set of two keys and four shelves.

Invest in our advanced Double-Door Instrument Cabinet to organize and safeguard your valuable materials, combining secure storage, sleek aesthetics, and remarkable construction into one package.

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