High-Quality Programmable C Frame for Enhanced Robotic Processing

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High-Quality Programmable C Frame for Enhanced Robotic Processing. A revolutionary tool engineered to meet your diverse processing demands. Key features are:

  • Single Shaft Design: Offers improved stability and reducing performance hindrance.
  • Flexible Structure: Allows for easy fine-tuning and adjustments.
  • Rotational & Adjustable: Enables customized movement for handling an array of work-pieces.
  • Varied Applications: Perfect for manufacturing, assembly, material handling, painting, and welding applications.

Distinguished by its 3418mm height and 18u00b0/sec – 24u00b0/sec rotational speed. Note: Samples are not available.

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High-Quality Programmable C Frame for Enhanced Robotic Processing

Introducing a ground-breaking innovation in robotics, the High-Quality Programmable C Frame. This cutting-edge tool redefines versatility and is designed to maximize the working range of both hanging and standing robots. Our Programmable C Frame is thoughtfully designed to facilitate the processing of large and complex work-pieces, making it a perfect ally for your specific operational needs.

Featuring a revolutionary single shaft design, our programmable C frame enhances stability and promotes easy adjustments with its movable structure. The rotatable and adjustable features contribute to the flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness of your robotic operations, making it a valuable addition to your operational arsenal.

  • Dimensions: With an impressive height of 3418mm and a convenient arm center distance of 1470mm, the Programmable C Frame allows your robot to easily access various work positions.
  • Rotary Degree and Speed: Featuring a wide rotary degree ranging from 180° to 315° along with a rapid rotary speed that varies from 18°/sec to 24°/sec, ensuring quick and efficient operations.
  • Repeatability: Understanding the critical importance of precision in robotic operations, the repeatability feature ensures high-quality workmanship with negligible errors. With a repeatability of ± 1.5 arc min to ± 0.2 arc mm, expect exceptional precision in every operation.

Taking pride in our exceptional product delivery, the High-Quality Programmable C Frame for Enhanced Robotic Processing guarantees significant improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of your robotic operations, adding value to your business.

Embrace the future of robotic processing with our Programmable C Frame and redefine operational efficiency in your business.

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