BT301L Intelligent Flow Peristaltic Pump: Optimal Precision & Efficiency

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The BT301L Intelligent Flow Peristaltic Pump– A Precision Metering & Dosing Solution renowned for its high precision and versatile application. Key highlights include:

  • Accuracy: Provides up to 0.5% precision levels, aiding in accurate dosing.
  • Flow Range: Offers a variable flow range from 0.006-1600 ml/min, ensuring adaptability to different usage scenarios.
  • Usability: Features a color LCD and touchscreen interface for user-friendly operation.
  • Durability: Built with high-quality materials to ensure longevity and consistent performance.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with the RS485 interface and MODBUS communication protocol, facilitating seamless system integration.

Applications span across pharmaceutical manufacturing, research labs, chemical processing, and more.

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Unrivaled Precision with the BT301L Intelligent Flow Peristaltic Pump

Introducing the BT301L Intelligent Flow Peristaltic Pump, an industry leader in fluid transmission technology with optimal efficiency and precision. This state-of-the-art pump has been meticulously designed to deliver intelligent, precise metering and dosing solutions that cater to a vast array of applications, making it an indispensable tool in any high-tech environment.

Powerful Features

  • Extremely Versatile Flow Range: Impressively versatile, the pump operates within a flow range of 0.006-1600 ml/min, making it suitable for various applications.
  • Operational Precision: Each unit is engineered to maintain absolute precision, repeatedly delivering timing accuracy of up to 0.5%.
  • Smart Operation Display: A dynamic color LCD screen outfitted with a touch interface not only exudes sophistication but also guarantees ease of use.
  • Efficient Temperature Control Features: Enjoy minimal noise operation courtesy of the integrated smart temperature control technology.
  • Seamless Integrations: Built with an RS485 interface, the BT301L ensures smooth interaction with other devices via the trusted MODBUS communication protocol.

Industries Impacted

The BT301L Intelligent Flow Peristaltic Pump resonates its significance across industries where precision is key such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemical handling. Make the swift move to ensure accuracy in your procedures and reliability in your operations.

Make a significant impact on productivity and the accuracy of your procedures with the BT301L Intelligent Flow Peristaltic Pump - the epitome of precision metering and dosing solution.

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