BT101S Basic Speed Variable Peristaltic Pump: Precision & Efficiency

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The BT101S Basic Speed – Variable Peristaltic Pump is meticulously engineered for exceptional precision and efficiency in fluid dispensing. Its flow range spans from 0.00011 to 720ml/min with a rotation speed ranging between 0.1 and 150rpm.

  • Its Reversible direction ensures a hassle-free process during transfer and cleaning of fluids.
  • The convenience of control is guaranteed by the Start/stop function.
  • For rapid and effective cleaning, it operates at Full speed.
  • The Adjustable speed control provides impeccable accuracy over flow rate and volume.
  • For automated processes, it offers Repeat timing quantitative dispensing of liquid.
  • Supports RS485 interface and MODBUS communication protocol for effortless integration.
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BT101S Basic Speed Variable Peristaltic Pump: Unmatched Precision & Efficiency in Liquid Dispensing

Eminently designed, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency, the BT101S Basic Speed – Variable Peristaltic Pump is the epitome of state-of-the-art liquid dispensing solutions. The pump's adjustability and control set it apart, with an incredible flow range of 0.00011-720ml/min and an adjustable rotary speed of 0.1-150rpm.

Product Highlights:

  • Directional Reversibility: Achieve reverse flow instantly for improved operational flexibility.
  • Stop/Start Functions: Allows operations to be paused or initiated efficiently, catering to diverse and dynamic workflows.
  • Full Speed: Ensures rapid and thorough cleaning, thereby reducing downtime significantly.
  • Adjustable Speed: Offers a tailored speed range delivering enhanced precision control over flow rate.
  • Repeat Timing Quantitative Dispensing: Enables accurate, repetitive fluid dispensing in specified amounts.
  • RS485 Interface: Facilitates seamless integration with existing systems for advanced automation applications.
  • Mobus Communication Protocol: Simplifies intercommunication between industrial automation devices.

Key Specifications:

  • Flow Range: An impressive spectrum from 0.00011 to 720ml/min, lending itself to a wide variety of applications.
  • Rotational Speed: With the adjustable speed from 0.1-150 RPM, meticulous control over liquid dispensing tasks is achieved.
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