BT100S-1 Variable Peristaltic Pump - High-Precision Fluid Transfer & Dispensing Equipment

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BT100S-1 Variable Peristaltic Pump | High-Precision Fluid Transfer & Dispensing is a premier solution for measured, efficient fluid transit in varied applications. Engineered with distinct features:

  • Highly Accurate: Affords a wide flow range (0.00011 to 1500ml/min), adjustable rotation speed (0.1 to 150rpm), maintaining dispensing precision up to ±0.5%.
  • Innovative Construct: Includes reversible direction, start/stop control, express cleanup, customizable speed, and recurring timed quantitative liquid dispensing.
  • Comprehensive Integration: Ensures seamless synchronization with computing systems, HMIs, and PLCs through RS485 Interface deploying MODBUS protocol.
  • Durable Material: Made with a stainless steel pump head and chemical-resistant tubing material, providing long-lasting efficiency. Applications span from lab experiments to industrial manufacturing.
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BT100S-1 Variable Peristaltic Pump: High-Precision Fluid Transfer & Dispensing Equipment

The BT100S-1 Variable Peristaltic Pump is an exceptional piece of industry-leading technology crucial for precise fluid transfer and dispensing. Offering a broad flow range of 0.00011 to 1500ml/min, with a rotation speed that varies from 0.1 to 150rpm, this pump is a versatile piece of equipment, adaptable to varying application environments.

  • It features a reversible direction and variable speed settings, with a start-stop function and full-speed capability for quick, efficient cleaning processes.
  • Also, it comes equipped with a dispensing function to enable repeat timing quantitative dispensing of fluids, thereby improving accuracy and efficiency.
  • This pump is fitted with an integrated RS485 interface compatible with the MODBUS communication protocol. This interface facilitates easy integration with a wide variety of devices, including computers, HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces), and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), enhancing its versatility and flexibility in operation.
  • With its design focus on precision and efficiency, it serves as an effective solution in a wide range of industries looking for efficient fluid transfer equipments.

Ideal for those who require reliable, high-quality fluid transfer and dispensing equipment, the BT100S-1 Variable Peristaltic Pump encapsulates precision, versatility, and large capacity.

Designed for optimal utility in manifold application settings, it effectively improves your workflow while meeting stringent industry standards

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