BRD2 (65-187) His Tag Human Recombinant - High-Quality Protein for Research

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BRD2 (65-187) His Tag Human Recombinant

  • Recombinant form of BRD2 (65-187) with a His tag
  • Expressed in E. coli
  • Purity level of at least 90%
  • Synonyms: FSH, NAT, RING3, RNF3, Bromodomain containing 2

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BRD2 (65-187) His Tag Human Recombinant

BRD2 (65-187) His Tag Human Recombinant is a high-quality protein specifically designed for research purposes. It is a recombinant form of BRD2, comprising amino acids 65-187, and is expressed in E. coli. This product is widely used in various research fields, such as molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell biology.


  • Purity: At least 90% purity, as determined by SDS-PAGE analysis
  • Form: Lyophilized powder
  • Source: E. coli
  • Tag: His tag
  • Expression host: E. coli
  • Molecular weight: Approximately 18.7 kDa
  • Storage conditions: Store at -20°C upon arrival. Upon reconstitution, store at -20°C or below. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

BRD2 (65-187) His Tag Human Recombinant has several synonyms, including FSH, NAT, RING3, RNF3, and Bromodomain containing 2. These synonyms can be helpful for referencing the protein in literature and discussions.

The recombinant protein is supplied as a lyophilized powder, ensuring stability and easy storage. It can be reconstituted with a suitable buffer solution before use. The purity of this product is guaranteed to be at least 90%, as determined by SDS-PAGE analysis. This high purity level is essential for reliable and reproducible experimental results.

BRD2 (65-187) His Tag Human Recombinant is commonly used in various research applications, including:

  • Protein-protein interaction studies
  • Cellular signaling pathway analysis
  • Drug target identification and validation
  • Drug discovery and development

This recombinant protein is expressed in E. coli, a widely used expression system with well-established protocols. The His tag attached to the protein facilitates easy purification and detection using common affinity chromatography techniques.

To ensure the highest quality, this product has undergone rigorous quality control measures. The purity and integrity of the protein are assessed using SDS-PAGE, a standard method for analyzing protein samples based on their molecular weight. The purity is guaranteed to be at least 90%, ensuring minimal contaminants that may interfere with experimental results.

Storage and Handling:

BRD2 (65-187) His Tag Human Recombinant should be stored at -20°C upon arrival. It is supplied as a lyophilized powder, which provides enhanced stability during transit. Upon reconstitution with a suitable buffer solution, the protein should be stored at -20°C or below to maintain its integrity. Multiple freeze-thaw cycles should be avoided to prevent protein degradation.

The shelf life of this product is stated on the product label. However, under proper storage conditions, the protein can remain stable for extended periods. We recommend aliquoting the protein into smaller working volumes to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

Precautions and Warnings:

  • This product is for research use only. It is not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.
  • Handle and dispose of all materials used in the experiment in accordance with appropriate safety practices.
  • Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or mucous membranes. In case of accidental contact, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling this product.
  • Keep away from children and unauthorized personnel.

For more information, including access to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, and similar products, please refer to SRP0452. Our dedicated team of experts is also available to assist you with any inquiries or specific technical support related to this product.

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