High-Quality Brass Flue for Aladdin Size 23E Burner – SuperiorBurner Spare Part

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Improve your burner’s operation with Top-Grade Brass Flue

Enhance the performance of your Aladdin Size 23E Burner using our specifically engineered brass flue. Tackle rigorous conditions like a professional thanks to its resilient nature. Its versatile design facilitates both the Aladdin Size 23E Burner and Sibir model V 170 KE refrigerator.

  • Material: Superior, long-lasting brass
  • Compatibility: Expertly designed for Aladdin Size 23E Burner and Sibir model V 170 KE refrigerator
  • Dimensions: Precise dimensions ensuring fit – 65 mm (diameter) x 40 mm (height)
  • Weight: Lightweight structure – approximately 0.053 kg
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High-Durability Brass Flue for Aladdin Size 23E Burner: Unmatched Performance and Longevity

Invite optimal performance and extended longevity to your Aladdin Size 23E Burner with our High-Quality Brass Flue. Designed as a high-end replacement part, this offering merges exceptional durability, lovable compatibility with remarkable longevity, promising to add more quality years to your equipment's lifespan.

Incredible Construction

Epitomizing durability, the Brass Flue is constructed from premium-grade brass of the highest quality. The stand-out robustness of brass enhances the Flue's resilience and extends its service life while guaranteeing unwavering burner performance. With this, we promise assured longevity to your equipment.

Unmatched Compatibility

Our Brass Flue has been precision-engineered to fit your Aladdin Size 23E Burner perfectly. It is a perfect replacement for your worn-out or old flue, promising operational reliability and efficiency. The seamless compatibility and precise fit make the installation process an absolute breeze.

Easy Handling with Compact and Lightweight Design

Our practical, lightweight and compact brass flue ensures easy handling and stress-free maintenance. Weighing just 0.053 kg and with compact dimensions of 65mm x 40mm (Diameter x Height), our Brass Flue simplifies the installation process.

Key Features

  • Designed explicitly for Aladdin Size 23E Burner
  • Fabricated from high-strength, superior-grade brass
  • Guarantee of unwavering and robust burner performance
  • Precise fit and seamless compatibility
  • Compact and Lightweight design for easy handling and installation

Allow your Aladdin Size 23E Burner to perform its best with our High-Quality Brass Flue. Ensuring unwavering compatibility, reliability, and an extended lifespan, our Brass Flue enhances the overall efficiency of your equipment.

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