UN2814-Certified Infectious Sample Transport Box: Safety and Security in Sample Transportation

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UN2814-Certified Transport Box provides a high-standard solution for the secure and compliant transportation of Category A infectious substances affecting humans.

  • Triple packaging design for ultimate security during transit
  • Compliance with stringent UN 2814 and Class 6.2 standards
  • Ample capacity accommodating 4-6 tubes of 5-7ml size
  • Integrated space for cool-pack/dry-ice, catering to diverse transportation conditions
  • Leak-proof construction featuring additional barriers for enhanced safety
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UN2814-Certified Infectious Sample Transport Box: Safety and Security at its Best

The UN2814 Infectious Sample Transport Box is a top-grade product that perfectly meets the transportation requirements for Category A infectious substances, particularly patient samples requiring UN 2814 category. This transport box ensures the utmost security and efficiency in sample transport with its robust design and safety features.

Conveniently constructed for easy handling, the transport box has an overall weight of 0.6 kg and volume of 0.0021 m3, substantially reducing the transportation cost. It is durable, with a plastic secondary packaging container of 40x150mm size, equipped with absorbent material for maximum protection of the samples. The tertiary packaging includes sturdy cardboard with an integrated compartment suitable for a 0.3L cool-pack, accommodating dry ice for long-distance travel.

  • This product is a UN-type certified packaging, strictly compliant with UN 2814, and is approved for transporting Class 6.2 goods.
  • It comes with a triple packaging system, ensuring each box has leak-proof and sturdy barriers. Each box has the capacity to carry 4 to 6 vacuum tubes ranging from 5 to 7ml.
  • The enhanced insulation of the transport box ensures the contents remain at required temperatures during the entire journey.
  • The box comes with comprehensive labelling, precisely in accordance with UN 2814 regulations.
  • The product package includes a 0.3L cool pack and labels showing UN2814.

This transport box is a reliable solution for transporting high-risk samples securely, while meeting rigorous regulatory standards and offering environmental sustainability. Your samples receive the protection and care they deserve with our UN2814 Infectious Sample Transport Box.

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