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Top-Grade Specimen Transport Boxes provide an advanced solution for the secure transport of clinical specimens. These superior-quality boxes boast a robust construction with premium, chemical-resistant plastic. Safe seals during transit are guaranteed by a sturdy handle and dual snap locks. They cater to varying volume needs with the availability in both 2L and 4L sizes. Meeting industry norms, these lightweight yet tough boxes are suitable for diverse medical and laboratory use, making them indispensable for clinics, hospitals, and lab facilities.

  • Material: Top-notch, chemical-resistant plastic
  • Features: Durable handle, dual snap locks ensure secure sealing
  • Usage: Ideal for transporting a variety of specimen types
  • Capacity: Offered in 2L and 4L sizes to address diverse volume requirements
  • Standards: Compliant with industry norms, combining light weight with durability
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Top-Grade Specimen Transport Boxes for Secure Clinical Specimen Transportation

When it comes to the safe and secure transport of clinical specimens, trust in our Top-Grade Specimen Transport Boxes. Designed specifically for the demands of modern laboratories, our high-quality transport boxes provide unparalleled durability, functionality and convenience in one compact design.superior-grade, chemical-resistant plastic delivers insurmountable protection against potential damage, ensuring the integrity of your specimens for accurate clinical results.

Key Product Features

  • Enhanced Durability: Our boxes are made from superior-grade, chemical-resistant plastic which ensures longevity and an extended service life.
  • Safety-Assured: Designed with a secure lid and robust handle for convenience during transportation, our boxes offer an airtight seal for risk-free transportation. Accompanied by two snap locks, the safety of your specimens is never questioned.
  • Built for longevity: Additional resilience is built into the design with epoxy-coated steel inlets that contribute towards box longevity.
  • Size Variations: With two different capacities of 2L and 4L, our boxes are designed to provide versatile solutions for secure storage and transportation of your clinical specimens.
  • Easy Handling: Each box has an optimal weight of around 3 kgs and a compact volume, promoting effortless handling and easy storage. Perfect for facilities with limited space.

Our Top-Grade Specimen Transport Boxes are in sync with the demands of the constantly evolving and demanding laboratory environment. Equipment that provides peace of mind and instills confidence in safe transportation of sensitive and crucially important clinical specimens. Make a solid investment into the safety and efficiency of your operations by choosing our Top-Grade Specimen Transport Boxes.

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