4L Round Stainless Steel Bowl - Durable and Multi-Functional Suitable for Medical and Home Use

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Presenting the 4L Round Stainless Steel Bowl, a multipurpose solution for medical operations, surgical procedures, and nursing requirements. This sturdy bowl, constructed from Austenitic stainless steel (18-20% chromium and 8-10% nickel), is not only durable but also perfectly designed for practical use. Features include:

  • Durability: Composed of a robust and enduring material.
  • Size: 300mm in diameter and 100mm in height, aptly sized for numerous applications.
  • Easy Cleaning: Its smooth surface ensures simple and thorough sterilization procedures. Note: avoid using chlorine solutions.

Primarily used in healthcare settings, this bowl forms an integral part of our comprehensive Midwifery kit. Be it home use or professional, its functional design meets multipurpose needs.

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Introducing the 4L Round Stainless Steel Bowl, a highly reliable and functional product designed for a range of purposes. This long-lasting bowl is an ideal pick for healthcare professionals in the fields of nursing and surgical care. Simultaneously, it's a worthy addition to household for its superior durability and aesthetics.

This solid serving ware, mainly made from Austenitic stainless steel (18 to 20% chromium and 8 to 10% nickel), delivers unparalleled strength and longevity. It outperforms in quality even in demanding environments. With a thickness of 0.8mm, the bowl demonstrates a superior level of durability, assuring extended product life.

  • The bowl boasts a sleek design, offering a smooth surface. It has an impressive internal diameter of 300mm and a height of 100mm, making it suitable for a multitude of uses.
  • With its size and design, the bowl can take in a volume of approximately 4 litres, effectively catering to diverse needs. It's practical and perfect for both single or multiple servings.
  • To assure your product's safety during transit, each 4L round bowl is meticulously wrapped in an adhesive plastic film. If you order more than one, the bowls are packaged in a sturdy box to guarantee a non-complicated shipping process.
  • The 4L Round Stainless Steel Bowl also comes as a part of our comprehensive midwifery kits (Kit 2 - equipment), enhancing its utility.
  • With an estimated weight of 0.610kg and an estimated volume of 0.578cdm, the product is accessible and conveniently storable.

For maintaining its quality, the stainless steel bowl needs to be appropriately cleaned and disinfected after each use. Sterilizing in a steam sterilizer is possible when required to ensure complete sanitation. We recommend users to refrain from cleaning it with chlorine solutions to avoid damaging its material.

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