Round Polypropylene Bowl 6-8 Litres: Quality, Durability & Versatility

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Round Polypropylene Bowl – 6-8 Litres

  • Durable and Autoclavable: Crafted with high-quality polypropylene which ensures outstanding durability for everyday use. This bowl can be sterilized safely in an autoclave, making it suitable for healthcare and lab applications.
  • Highly Versatile: Its generous round shape with a diameter of 346mm and height of 120mm makes it versatile for multiple uses like medication mixing or specimen holding.
  • Large Capacity: The bowl’s capacity varies from 6-8 litres, ensuring it can hold a substantial volume for enhanced functionality.
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Round Polypropylene Bowl - 6-8 Litres: A Blend of Durability, Versatility, and Modern Design

Discover multi-faceted functionality merged with durability in our Round Polypropylene Bowl. Manufactured with top-grade polypropylene, our bowl exemplifies longevity and premium quality. Its 6-8 litres capacity makes it a valuable asset to any professional or domestic premise.

Durability Meets Hygiene

This robust bowl is autoclavable allowing for sterilization, promoting safe and hygienic use. The superior polypropylene construction guarantees endurance, ensuring this product withstands the rigors of prolonged, repeat usage without compromising quality or performance.

Versatility at its Best

With an approximate diameter of 346mm and a height of 120mm, the bowl’s classic round shape and generous capacity extends its utility beyond the medical sphere. Whether as an efficient storage solution or a multipurpose container, this product adds convenience and functionality to diverse scenarios.

Innovative Design for Modern Day Needs

The sleek, modern design allows seamless integration into both professional and domestic spaces, elevating the aesthetic appeal without compromising sanitation and ease of use.

An Economical and Eco-Friendly Solution

This reusable and recyclable bowl is an excellent eco-friendly alternative to disposable products. It serves not only as a cost-effective option but also plays an active role in promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Assured Quality Packaging

Each polypropylene bowl is securely packaged to ensure safe delivery. With an estimated weight of 0.300 kg and an approximate volume of 2.266 cdm, you can count on quality and convenience delivered right to your door.

Invest in a product that guarantees integrity, utility, and a step towards responsible, conscious living with our Round Polypropylene Bowl.

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