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High-Quality 250ml Plastic Wash Bottle for Long-Term Solution Storage

  • Durable Quality: Fabricated with top-tier plastic, ensuring extended usage for storing a myriad of chemical solutions.
  • Practical Design: Round bottle featuring an easy-to-use screw closure and riser tube.
  • Generous Capacity: Provides 250ml of storage, perfect for preserving large volumes of liquid. Ensure a secure seal for optimum storage.
  • Hygienic Maintenance: Can be periodically cleaned with a 0.5% detergent-disinfectant to uphold strict hygiene.
  • In-Package Inclusion: The package contains one pre-assembled bottle, weighing around 0.094kg.
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High-Quality 250ml Plastic Wash Bottle for Long-Term Solution Storage

Preserve the potency of your solutions using our top-rated 250ml Plastic Wash Bottle, meticulously designed for safe and extended storage. This bottle is ideal for preserving iodine and chlorine solutions in medical facilities. Crafted from premium quality plastic, it offers exceptional durability and resistance to degradation, ensuring steadfast performance in highly reactive environments.

  • Design: The bottle sports a smoothly contoured body and a slender mouth, facilitating easy handling and significantly reducing spillage. An integrated riser tube coupled with a screw-on cap ensures a leak-proof seal, providing a user-friendly solution dispensing method.
  • Material: Made from high-grade plastic, the bottle exhibits impressive longevity. It guarantees the preservation of the solutions stored within, maintaining their effectiveness over an extended period.
  • Capacity: With a capacity of 250ml, this bottle offers compact yet sufficient storage space, catering to your professional requirements efficiently.

Usage Instructions: Before dispensing, verify the seal to prevent leakage. Clearly label the contents, including the dilution and expiry dates. The bottle should be disinfected with a 0.5% detergent-disinfectant solution designed for medical devices between two dilutions. Thorough rinsing before refilling is crucial to maintain the potency of the solution.

  • Packaging: The package includes a pre-assembled bottle complete with a riser tube and screw cap, securely packed to avoid damage during transit.
  • Weight: Weighing in at roughly 0.094kg, the bottle is easy to handle, ensuring efficient utilization.
  • Volume: Its thoughtful design results in a calculated volume of 1.075cdm.

Invest in our 250ml Plastic Wash Bottle for assured safety, convenience, and longevity of your medical solutions. Experience unrivaled quality and performance firsthand.

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