BOSCH Micro Ceramic Dosing Pump | High-Capacity & Precise Liquid Filling Solution

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BOSCH Micro Ceramic Dosing Pump – High-Precision Liquid Filling Solution

A highly versatile, ceramic-based dosing pump designed for precision liquid filling. Suitable for diverse applications such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, ink, and chemicals.

  • Volume Range: 0.1ml-2ml for precise dosage control.
  • Material: Hard, temperature, acid and alkali resistant Ceramic.
  • Lifespan: >1000 ten thousand cycles for high reliability.
  • Elements Minimised: Minimal particle release.
  • Delivery Commitment: Shipped within 25 days.

This BOSCH Micro Ceramic Dosing Pump combines high precision with remarkable durability, making it a top choice for all liquid filling solutions.

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BOSCH Micro Ceramic Dosing Pump - A Precision-Centric Approach to Liquid Filling

Discover the finest, most advanced technology in liquid filling with the BOSCH Micro Ceramic Dosing Pump. This highly precise filling solution is adept at handling a diverse range of applications, from pharmaceuticals, liquid foods, cosmetics, and ink, to reagents and chemicals. Due to the extraordinary sturdiness of the ceramic material, this pump showcases superior temperature resistance along with phenomenal resistance to acids and alkalis. An unparalleled service life that exceeds 10 million cycles is paired with incredibly minimal particulate release to ensure the utmost in product purity.

Detailed Product Characteristics

  • Composed of a unique ceramic material that embodies hardness, measuring high on the Vickers scale.
  • Operates at a maximum suitable temperature of a whopping 1000u00b0C.
  • Demonstrates excellent acid resistance, even with the strongest of acids, making it durable and resilient.
  • Shows exceptional alkali resistance, capable of withstanding harsh alkaline substances.
  • Possesses an extremely long lifespan of over 10 million cycles, highlighting the product's robust nature.
  • Instrumental in maintaining product purity, thanks to minimal particle release.

The shipped dosing pump is meticulously packaged in a foam-lined wooden case to ensure it arrives at your doorstep with zero damage. Further, leverage our OEM requirements and full-fledged technical support during the installation period and application periods. Rely on our expert repair and replacement services for pumps or related parts for a seamless experience.

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