ARABIC Exercise Book A5 48 Pages Pack of 20 - Perfect for Arabic Language Learning and Environmentally Friendly

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Hone your Arabic skills with the ARABIC Exercise Book A5 48 Pages Pack of 20, designed for language learners at all levels. Key attributes include:

  • Portable A5 format, perfect for on-the-move learners
  • Constructed using 75% reclaimed paper fibers, promoting environment consciousness
  • 48 non-coated, 70 GSM pages, offering substantial writing space
  • 5mm squares without margins, for discontinuity-free writing
  • Cyan blue, 140GSM cover with a glossy varnish, lending a professional appeal

This product is a tailored part of the Arabic Student Kits for Grades 1-8, making it a comprehensive resource in Arabic education.

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ARABIC Exercise Book A5 48 Pages Pack of 20 – Learning Arabic is Now Easier and Eco-friendly

Boost your journey toward mastering Arabic with these purpose-built ARABIC Exercise Books. This package of 20 exercise books offers plenty of space to practice, understand, and master Arabic lettering.

The A5 size (210mm x 148mm) of every exercise book is perfectly compact for easy handling without compromising on writing space. Filled with 48 inviting pages printed in the engaging Pantone Cool Grey 5 color, these books create an atmosphere conducive for enjoyable and productive learning.

Sustainable and Environmentally Conscious

Our books are crafted with 75% recovered paper fibers, encompassing both pre and post-consumer waste. This product reflects our commitment to global initiatives aimed at reducing deforestation and championing environmental sustainability. The non-coated 70gsm paper guarantees that your notes will endure time.

Unique and Functional Design

Each notebook contains 48 pages (24 sheets) dotted with well-spaced 5mm squares. These grids support legible and organized writing and are the perfect guide to proper Arabic lettering. Practice Arabic script effectively without needing multiple exercise books.

Distinctive and Durable Cover

The cover, similar to the pages, is made from 75% recovered paper fibers. Made from sturdy 140gsm single-sided coated paper, it protects the book's contents. The Cyan blue hue with a water-based glossy varnish renders it not only durable but also pleasing to the eye.

Secure Binding and Packaging

The pages are neatly held together using a saddle stitching along the 210mm edge with stainless steel, minimizing page loss. The 20 exercise books are snugly secured in a 40 micron PP shrink wrap pack, protecting them from dust, moisture, and accidental damages.

Inclusive in Essential Student Kits

These Arabic exercise books are a vital component of Arabic Student Kits (Grade 1-4, S9935080 and Grade 5-8, S9935081). They are, as such, a perfect addition for Arabic language students in these grade levels.

Our ARABIC Exercise Book offers an all-rounded solution, helping you accomplish your Arabic language learning goals while being friendly to our planet.

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