Premium, Quality A4 Drawing Book - Unleash your Artistry

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A4 Drawing Book – Premium, High-Quality, 96 Pages

Unleash your artistry with our superior A4 Drawing Book, impeccably designed for diverse sketching, journaling, and notetaking applications. Each pack contains 10 individually shrink-wrapped Drawing Books, each honoring 96 110gsm, wood-free, white pages for enhanced use longevity.

  • A4 Size (297mm x 210mm) enlarges creative horizons
  • 96 Pages produced from 110gsm, wood-free white paper ensures long-standing use
  • Accepting of pen, pencil, and crayon mediums
  • Surprising resilience courtesy of the 140gsm solid offset paper cover
  • Delectable cyan blue cover boosting professional appeal
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A4 Drawing Book - Unleash Your Artistry with Premium, Rooted Quality Drawing Book

Unleash your creativity with our expertly-crafted A4 Drawing Book. This artistic toolkit is designed to cater to the individualistic needs of artists, designers, students, and enthusiasts from a myriad of sectors. Its design focus is centered around high-grade paper quality, exceptional durability, ample creative space, and elegant aesthetics, making it a must-have artistry companion.

Comprehensive Features

  • Constructed at the generous dimensions of A4 (297mm x 210mm) to provide a vast canvas for your creative expressions.
  • Featuring 96 pages (48 sheets) with a paper grade of 110gsm, this drawing book allows you to capture grandiose artistic interpretations, instructional doodles, or extensive academic notes with ease.
  • Created to work flawlessly with pen, pencil, and crayon, making it a versatile workhorse in any artist's stationery collection.
  • A bound, robust structure with a 140gsm offset paper cover. Enhanced with a top, strong-edge glue along the 210mm side, the book is designed for long-term durability and protection for your sketches and notes.
  • The sleek, cyan-blue cover artistry not only strengthens aesthetic appeal but also performs the critical function of safeguarding your art within.

Packaging & Delivery

Maximize your creativity with our 10-book pack, with attention in ensuring that every drawing book arrives intact and ready for use. Our quality packaging features an intricate shrink-wrap process that protects from elements that may impact your drawing book's condition during transit. With exceptional convenience, this pack ensures that you never fall short of sketching pages for your innovative ideas and interpretations.

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