Premium Adult Body Bag - Tear, Puncture, Leak-Proof - Reliable for Remains Transport

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Product: Adult Body Bag designed for safe, reliable handling and transportation of human remains.

  • Durability: Comprising tear-proof, puncture-resistant, and leak-proof features.
  • Material: Constructed from 200-micron thick, non-degradable PEVA.
  • Weight Capacity: Can securely accommodate up to 120 Kg weight.
  • Additional Features: Integrated with a tag pouch for easy identification, high-quality zipper, sturdy loops, and meets OSHA regulation 3130.
  • Reliability: Comes with a 5-year guaranteed shelf life from the manufacturer, each bag packed individually with usage instructions.
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The Adult Body Bag: Tear-proof, Puncture-resistant, Leak-proof - Reliable Handling & Transport of Remains is a high-quality solution designed for the safe and respectful containment and transportation of human remains. These body bags are an indispensable element in mortuaries, funeral homes, hospitals, and disaster response scenarios.

Engineered to uphold the highest standards of durability and integrity, this body bag's key features revolve around its resilient attributes:

  • Tear-proof and Puncture-resistant: The body bag’s robust construction can withstand strenuous handling, guaranteeing an undisturbed and dignified transport.
  • Leak-proof with heat-sealed seams: Each seam is carefully sealed to prevent leaks and spills, instilling confidence during handling and transportation.
  • 200 Micron Thickness: The exceptional thickness of the material enhances durability, resistance against tears, and ensures it remains intact during transport, regardless of conditions.
  • Weight Capacity: Rigorously tested to support an impressive load up to 120 Kg, ensuring versatility and uncompromised performance.
  • Transparent Tag Pouch: An integrated tag pouch provides an efficient identification method, making handling and documentation processes uncomplicated and swift.
  • PEVA Material: The body bag uses PEVA material – non-biodegradable and designed for long-standing use. When buried, the bag remains unscathed for a minimum of 5 years, allowing thorough decomposition.
  • Dimension: With dimensions of 220 x 100 cm (±10%), the bag offers substantial space for respectful and comfortable placement of remains.
  • High-quality Zipper: Fitted with sturdy loops for a secure closure, the durable zipper allows for easy sealing and re-opening when required

In full compliance with global standards like OSHA regulation 3130, this body bag sets a benchmark in managing human remains respectfully and efficiently. Each bag is individually packed in a transparent wrap, labeled with a detailed product description and size details to promote seamless inventory management. The product is not recommended for usage with contagious disease remains. Always respect local funeral customs when utilizing our Adult Body Bag.

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