Methyl Ester of Boc-Tyrosine (Boc-Tyr-OMe): Multi-utility Compound for Diverse Industrial Applications

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Methyl Ester of Boc-Tyrosine (Boc-Tyr-OMe): Multidimensional Compound for Diverse Industrial Applications

  • Premium Quality: Guarantees a minimum purity of 98.0%, ensuring remarkable performance in various contexts.
  • Versatile Use: Finds extensive use in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, drug discovery, peptide synthesis and other chemical industries.
  • Global Reach: We ensure its ready availability worldwide, serving as an irreplaceable asset for professionals and researchers.
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Methyl Ester of Boc-Tyrosine, also known by its short form, Boc-Tyr-OMe, or its full name, N-tert Butoxycarbonyl-L-Tyrosine Methyl Ester, is an invaluable substance known for its remarkable properties. Its adaptability makes it a compound of great value across a broad range of verticals. Boasting a molecular formula of C15H21NO5 and a robust molecular weight of 295.3 g/mol, this compound stands out for its stability and performance.

This compound guarantees a minimum purity level of 98.0%, establishing itself as a crucial ingredient in numerous processes in research, development, and production sectors. Its fine nature sets it as an essential element in chemical industries around the world.

  • CAS No.: 4326-36-7, The unique identifier of this substance
  • Molecular Formula: C15H21NO5, Illustrating its 15-carbon compound profile designed for stability
  • Purity: With a guaranteed minimum purity of 98.0%, it assures optimal results across applications
  • Molecular Weight: Features a sturdy molecular weight of 295.3 g/mol

Offered worldwide with high purity, it is the preferred compound for laboratories and various industries. Boc-Tyr-OMe serves diversified usage, including:

  • Chemical Synthesis: As a key ingredient in building new compounds
  • Pharmaceutical Research: Paving the way for advanced studies in medicine
  • Biotechnology: Being critical for biological research and processes
  • Drug Development: Assisting the creation of new therapeutic agents
  • Medicinal Chemistry: For studying and understanding existing pharmaceuticals

With immense versatility, Boc-Tyr-OMe supports success in various industrial and scientific operations. A recognized standout, trust in Boc-Tyr-OMe for your industrial and research applications.

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