Pyroglutamic Acid Ter-butyl Ester: Unsurpassed Boc-Protected Compound for Advanced Chemical Synthesis

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Pyroglutamic Acid Ter-butyl Ester: Premium Boc-Protected Compound for Chemical Synthesis Enrichment

  • Key Features:
  • Premium Boc-protected compound: Offering high purity for an optimized reaction.
  • Effective chemical synthesis booster: Enhances chemical processes for efficient output.
  • Molecular specifics: Composed of Carbon (C14), Hydrogen (H23), Nitrogen (N), and Oxygen (O5) with a molecular weight of 285.34.


  • Pharmaceutical Advancement: Crucial in research and development for new drug discovery.
  • Organic Synthesis: Plays a prominent role in multiple organic chemical synthesis processes.
  • Medicinal Chemistry: Key component in the advancement of medicinal chemistry.
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Pyroglutamic Acid Ter-butyl Ester: A Powerful Solution for Advanced Chemical Synthesis

With ultimate precision in chemical synthesis processes, Pyroglutamic Acid Ter-butyl Ester stands tall as a premium Boc-protected compound. Renowned for its unique purity and superior efficacy, it is the top pick amongst researchers and scientists worldwide. Pyroglutamic Acid Ter-butyl Ester, carrying the molecular formula C14H23NO5 and molecular weight 285.34, delivers unparalleled performance across a spectrum of applications, thus exemplifying the paradigm of advanced chemical solutions.

Essential Attributes:

  • Recognized as a high-grade Boc-protected formulation
  • Outstanding purity known to enhance scientific endeavor
  • Top-performing efficacy, elevating chemical synthesis methodologies
  • Distinguished by its Molecular formula: C14H23NO5
  • Molecular weight stapled at 285.34

Exceptional Performance:

Pyroglutamic Acid Ter-butyl Ester stands out for its consistency, playing a pivotal role in chemical synthesis. Its purity promotes optimum results, making it an indispensable tool in cutting-edge chemical synthesis. Its performance and reliability, owing to the specifically curated molecular structure and weight, ensure a transformative outcome across a variety of applications.

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