High Purity Methyl Ester of BOC-L-Pyroglutamic Acid (Boc-Pyr-OMe)

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High Purity Methyl Ester of BOC-L-Pyroglutamic Acid (Boc-Pyr-OMe) for Diverse Applications

  • Optimum Purity: Our Boc-Pyr-OMe is a premium quality compound, affording dependability and precision in all applications.
  • Superior Stability: Displaying remarkable stability, this compound minimizes the potential for degradation over extended periods.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for peptide synthesis, drug discovery, and organic synthesis, Boc-Pyr-OMe proves indispensable for chemists and researchers alike.
  • Worldwide Availability: We cater to international clientele by offering global delivery for Boc-Pyr-OMe.
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High Purity Methyl Ester of BOC-L-Pyroglutamic Acid (Boc-Pyr-OMe) for Diverse Industrial and Scientific Applications

With unmatched purity and superior stability, our Boc-Pyr-OMe, or Methyl Ester of BOC-L-Pyroglutamic Acid, stands out as a high-demand product in various sectors across the scientific and industrial landscape. This unique organochemical compound is an invaluable asset in numerous applications, all thanks to its extraordinary features and attributes.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Name: Boc-Pyr-OMe
  • CAS#: 108963-96-8
  • Synonyms: Boc-L-Pyroglutamic acid methyl ester
  • Molecular Formula: C11H17NO5
  • Molecular Weight: 243.3

Whether you focus on the molecular weight or the molecular formula, the uniqueness of this compound remains consistent. These attributes contribute to its robust stability and demonstrate its vast potential in various scientific and industrial uses.

Wide Spectrum of Applications:

The expansive range of applications of the Boc-Pyr-OMe is a testament to its high performance. Its remarkable stability and exceptional purity make it an indispensable choice for potentially thousands of scientific applications. Moreover, it's highly regarded in the industrial sector for its unmatched performance and proven results.

Global Availability:

We're committed to strictly adhering to international shipping regulations and standards, ensuring our Boc-Pyr-OMe is readily available to clients worldwide. This commitment ensures that you can reap the benefits of our high-quality product, regardless of your geographical location.

Let our Boc-Pyr-OMe elevate your scientific or industrial applications to new heights. Experience the unique combination of high purity, robust stability, and broad application potential of this exceptional organochemical compound.

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